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I checked all the bottles on the Blumen site and received the same response on all my bottles “The lot # you entered is neither included in this recall nor valid. Lavender. Why the confusion?

If you have one, you're urged to throw it away.

Don’t forget if you need a BJ’s membership deal you can sign up for $25 for the entire year. If 2020 wasn’t much of a year already, the hand sanitizer we previous couldn’t function without is now dangerous. Yep and some BJs are following this, and some BJs are not. It’s opened and BJs will take it back open or not. In our Facebook group many BJs managers have said their store is taking the bottles back and giving a full refund. Consumers with questions regarding the recall can contact 4e Brands North America LLC Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at 888-843-0254.The FDA says it has "seen a sharp increase in hand sanitizer products that are labeled to contain ethanol (also known as ethyl alcohol) but that have tested positive for methanol contamination. I have three bottles of Blumen Clear Advanced Hand Sanitizer, 17oz (UPC: 814266024096). The product was distributed nationwide in the United States through retailers and distributors. Blumen Hand Sanitizer Fresh Citrus.

Extra soft, with glycerin and tea tree Free of parabens and triclosan. It is due to sanitizers containing toxic wood alcohol. The product label contains blue, white, silver and red coloring. CHECK OUT HOW TO GET 3 FREE SUAVE SANITIZERS AT BJS FREE HERE. Ok so I am a little late dealing with this but I have 2 bottles of this recalled sanitizer and the website noted says to return it to BJ’s for a refund and BJ’s website & letter says to get a refund from the manufacturer.

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after I entered the required information, they are giving me credit for one bottle, payable after they do all their paperwork, in 6 to 8 weeks. I bought 10 bottles for myself and other people in my family. Thank you to a BJ’s employee in our FB group for letting us know the Blumen Hand Sanitizer sold at BJ’s Wholesale club stores is being recalled.

I bought 8 over several weeks for my home, my husband’s work, my parents home and for my sister. 4e Brands said other products that it sold at stores were also included in the recall. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

News Tips: 309-698-3737 The product was distributed nationwide in the United States through retailers and distributors, including BJ's Wholesale Club locations across Massachusetts and New Hampshire. I bought 5 bottles of blumen sanitizer from BJ’S club and on this site there is nothing that says refund,so how do u apply for the refund ? Aloe. For a list of other current recalls at BJs see below: BJ’s believes in keeping consumers informed on product recalls and other important news. Mine wouldn’t take it let me take a photo of the blumen site to contact. What’s the best, safest, way to dispose of this stuff?

Clear. Corporate should have put forth a directive that would apply to all branches.

60599-502-01. Sanitizer Wipes. BJ's Wholesale Club, Inc. sold the item branded as Blumen Clear Advanced Hand Sanitizer in a 17 oz. Products that are fraudulently marketed as “FDA-approved” since there are no hand sanitizers approved by FDA.

From I have found Costco sells this brand too and has issued a recall on it here.

They manager at my store was horrible, rude and down right lied to my face. UPDATE: Here is the release from BJs on 7/15. Supposedly that means the two I have are okay to use, HOWEVER, the FDA recommends not using any products from this company. Very disappointed in the way BJ’s is handling this; my family like many literally spend thousands of dollars a year at their store, no way to treat loyal long time customers; maybe time to consider switching to Sam’s Club. Dump it down the sink or on the ground, I’m sure some will, doesn’t seem to me like either Bluman or BJ’s really cares that much about where the likely thousands of bottles of this toxic stuff ends up in the environment. 2907 Springfield Road East Peoria, IL 61611 Why does BJ’s ask us not to return them to the store? The agency says methanol is not an acceptable active ingredient for hand sanitizers and must not be used due to its toxic effects and that their investigation of methanol in certain hand sanitizers is ongoing. "Substantial methanol exposure could result in nausea, vomiting, headache, blurred vision, permanent blindness, seizures, coma, permanent damage to the nervous system or death," the recall bulletin said. You can dispose of the hand sanitizer to a nearest recycling center. That’s a bummer there are so many miscommunications from club to club. The paper also says the manufacture will confirm the lot number and send a refund, but we would have to dispose of the product.

You won’t find this hand sanitizer online any more either. ... FDA recommended the company …

The lot number is four digits and printed on the bottle. and 3 pk./14 oz. Read the reviews on BJs website for the BeSafe brand.

A hand sanitizer that was sold in BJ's Wholesale Club locations across the country is being recalled due to possible contamination with methyl alcohol. EMILY: WE BEGIN WITH BREAKING NEWS.

I'm a huge animal lover, and a little obsessed with mini pigs. "Out of an abundance of caution, 4e Brands requests that members discontinue the use of this product immediately and dispose of it in accordance with local regulations," the email alert to members who purchased the product said. Members and employees have shared that tip in our FB group.

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