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Since half of our twelve tasters were Colombian and the other half were foreign (Canadian, American, Swiss, and French), the taste test would tell us. I agree with you that cheese is NOT one of colombia’s best qualities, maybe that is why we tend to mix it with anything else that has flavor, but what i see here is a great business opportunity, wink, wink. [There's a simple recipe here if you want to try making some! – hot dogs or sandwiches, nary an opportunity is lost to add a bit of fermented curd to the mix. In Jackson Heights and other Colombian bakeries in NY they always used both names for the same product. Gracias para las recetas! Erica, I tried this recipe, but the dough was very liquid. I’m going to surprise Alejandro and make these for him, What should I do if my batter is too soft to form into a ball? You're wrong on that. Making matters worse, they all look the same. ‘Meh’ is probably the exact word I would use to describe the cheese here. It was really good. […] For breakfast, we headed to a bakery called Delicias pa Sumercé, packed full of tempting desserts and cookies, as well as fresh bread and almojabanas. Speaking of visit, sounds like Kim and I need to head to Vermont when you’re back there for a real cheese taste test! I would say, though, that Colombia does have a very strong cheese culture – it’s just very different to what I’m used to. However, I will disagree with you on the blandness of our cheese, especially the Campesino. Thank you, Richard!I am going to try it with ricotta next time! Most of them are either too dry ,don’t mix well, are too salty,&etc. Still loving your site!! Born but not raised in Colombia. My boyfriend and I (un pereirano) have been trying out all number of recipes, but ingredients and substitutes are even more difficult to find in Australia than in the US. They taste delicious, but nothing like cuajada . And that is this Colombian obsession with combining sweet things with perfectly inoffensive cheese. it is called tropical . I’m also intrigued that you’re Colombian, but don’t really like the cheese from this country – I feel it’s possible that you’re a minority in that respect. Flavor was delicious, but not the almojabana flavor that I was expected. These are just as delicious as bunuelos, especially if you love cheese like me!!!! I have the same problem…I can find queso fresco, and queso blanco…but no cuajada. At least it registers on the palate. With all these cows, you would think the cheese would be amazing and diverse. I don’t know!!! And is so easy too, besides its great flavor for Colombian cheese bread. Cuajada is basically the same thing as cottage cheese, just in one big piece instead of a bunch of smaller pieces. She is from Columbia. For info on cheesemaking, go to cheesemaking.com. Raw meaning unpasteurized? A complete carton packaging range for consuming fresh products, offering user convenience, easy opening and optimal shelf life. No se me ocurre nada…. Yay!! The best is pre-cooked corn flour , brand is Harina P.A.N. I could understand it if the majority of the cheeses were delicious, but this is just not the case. There is nothing to test… Because there is no Chees in Colombia! ), Top 5 Bogotá Desserts – A Delicious Friday Treat. Thanks. note: A friend of ours who is in the cooking club is an American who grew up in Columbia and although he may not be a registered follower is following your blog. As for the types of cheese we only had one of, the queso blanco was 14th, the costeño was dead last, and the pera was…. So so good! For the lady (Ivonne) who thought her dough was too liquid, Ricotta is the answer. The taste and the texture is different. What do I do? The taste isn’t exactly the same as in Colombia, but still very good. Edit: really? http://www.mycolombianrecipes.com/arepas-de-chocolo-con-quesito-colombian-corn-cakes-with-fresh-cheese, On Arty Pueblos and Ignorant Residents | Jasmine Wanders: A Traveller Blog, Cheddar Corn Bread Recipe | Leite's Culinaria, Festival Etnocultural + Oiba | Notes From Bucaramanga, Sancocho de Gallina (Chicken or Hen Sancocho), Arepa with Beef Liver in Creole Sauce (Arepa con Higado en Salsa Criolla). As to the very emotional topic of cheese – thank you for your comments; it’s interesting to learn about the perspectives of Colombians that are abroad. […], […] Colombian Cheese Bread from My Colombian Recipes […], […] Here’s the recipe, courtesy of My Colombian Recipes: […], […] available here in Bucaramanga, but is better in Bogota she told me. We had these at our wedding. Over in Korea, they even have pumpkin candy, and it’s weirdly AMAZING! Don’t hate me: it’s just my personal opinion. Cuajada was easily the worst of the three types of cheese. It’s full-bodied, rich and sharp, and just becomes even more magic when heated. Gracias! Thank you for your kind words, and I’ll be careful not to mess with either Texans or New Yorkers!!! The “quesos maduros” here are definitely tastier than the “quesos frescos” that we tested. Before I get booted out of my beloved adopted country for taking such an unpopular and unpatriotic stance, let me just say that I do like at least one type of cheese. So do you find cottage cheese the best substitute for cuajada. The Colombia Travel Blog, one of the most visited travel blogs about Colombia in english and spanish was created to smash the widespread and long outdated stereotypes about this astonishing country. Supermarkets here in Medellín have a mind-boggling array of Colombian cheeses with unfamiliar names like “cuajada,” “quesito,” and “campesino.” And “queso.” “Queso”! I’ve never tried the ‘real’ thing, so I don’t know how these compare, but we really enjoyed snacking on them, and my husband asked me to ‘definitely repeat this recipe.’ Thank you so much for sharing! I’m pretty sure you have no idea about the reglamentations of the INVIMA among other food controls that the government has to make sure every food company is providing the best quality products to the citizens. Can’t wait to try them! Keep up the good work providing tasty cheese to the people! My parents and I were born in Colombia, but I was raised in USA. Delicioso!!! Look for Harina PAN in the yellow bag. Make sure the milk is handled properly and the cows have been tested for disease. It's a simple recipe made with cheese and two kinds of flour—tapioca flour (cassava or yuca starch) and cornmeal. The vast majority of supermarkets will carry at least a couple of brands, specifically Colanta. I enjoy your website, thank you and have a very Happy New Year. Baking is truly a science and I’m happy to continue to deliver you tested and improved recipes! Hey Natalia, yeah we tried to mention this under the “In Defense of Colombian Cheeses” section. I’m still looking for masarepa! Discard whey. I made these yesterday and they were delicious and very easy to make! I made these delicious Pandebonos last week and they came out perfectly and were delicious. As a Colombian “Costeño” and cheese lover, I got to accept what you said… either campesino (or even worse, cuajada) are absolutely bland… although when eaten along other cheeses it works fine as addition for volume… something like the lettuce on a salad. Small curd vs large curd….4%, 2%, 1%…It’s the only thing I can think of that would make a difference. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I’d suggest doing your own blind taste test to figure out which satisfies your own palate! No supermarkets carry it. I milk my own cow, so it is not a problem for me. Es delicioso. The cottage cheese ​vat brings you the following advantages: We are using cookies. Down voted for not finding cheese? Pandebono is a traditional colombian cheese bread. For example, our favorite cuajada came from the budget supermarket D1 and the most expensive quesitos were third and fourth out of the six quesitos we tested. The 2nd way seems closer to what I remember when we used to go into the panadería and say “Qué hay caliente?” early in the morning! ___________________________________________ They’re white, moist, and packed in square or round blobs. There is nothing I love more than a good wine accompanied by a complicated and varied cheese board, replete with deliciously gooey camembert; tooth-hurtingly good brie; a brisk, sharp extra-tasty cheddar, almost too-intense blue vein; hell, even some Czechoslavakian sheep’s milk cheese would get me going. Whilst in the slightly chilly but warm-hearted Paipa, I had the best bueñolos I’ve ever had, so good, because they heavily featured this gloriously mature (keep it wrapped up in cloth in a cupboard, not in the fridge), flavourful cheese. 1/2n1/2 with Cottage cheese. I think you’re right – I’m not used to the much subtler flavours over here. I was able to find cuajada today, would all the measurements be the same? Just put in a pan for a few mins on each side to get a charred exterior x. I Will try the recipe and get back and let you guy know how it turned out. Ladle the curd out into five portions (5 seives lined with cheesecloth. It’s certainly helped me approach the cheeses with confidence at last. Or else any "premium" shop in the area near Andino if you are in Bogotá. I love the food here but damn all this weird cheese curd. (That is, unless you’ve just finished eating a bunch of Colombian cheeses, in which case you don’t need more salt in your life.). There's also no sour cream, kefir, or some cheeses, which are popular in other parts of the world. I didn't know that was even possible. If you add more than that masarepa Oh. If anyone has any lying around, I’m more than happy to give it a go, though. I even, for reasons beyond my own understanding, actually quite like the agua panela and cheese combo. At the very real risk of offending the many Colombians among you, I’m afraid my conscience demands that I admit something. I’m trying to make Pandebonos, and the recipes I’m finding are calling for queso fresco and feta cheese. Then near the deli meats they have another section with more "premium" cheeses and meats like salami, prosciutto, etc. Free shipping for many products! I believe they have a website. It costs you nothing, so we’d be crazy not to. Cuajada I did not use ricotta before, but I would try it next time.

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