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The premier on Tuesday faced another day of questions regarding what she knew about the property dealings of Maguire, the former member for Wagga Wagga, with whom Berejiklian had a five-year “close personal relationship”. The proposed ban on ministers and parliamentary secretaries taking commissions from property developers was supported by both parties after it became clear the current rules, which allow MPs to earn money from other sources including from lobbying for property deals, were out of step with community expectations.

“Stuart Ayres has shown a huge amount of passion and dedication as Fair Trading Minister, Minister Assisting the Premier on Western Sydney, and Member for Penrith,” said Mr Baird, “He thoroughly deserves the challenge of the key Police and Emergency Services portfolio, and I know that he will continue to work hard to improve frontline delivery across this state, while delivering in his role as Minister for Sport and Recreation.”. In 2009, NSW introduced a ban on donations from property developers, recognising the potential corruption risk given the government was responsible for approving major property developments and the broader planning controls administered by councils. Catherine Cusack, MLC, who becomes Parliamentary Secretary for Tertiary Education and Skills. endstream endobj 73 0 obj <>/Metadata 2 0 R/Pages 70 0 R/StructTreeRoot 6 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 74 0 obj <>/MediaBox[0 0 595.32 841.92]/Parent 70 0 R/Resources<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI]>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Tabs/S/Type/Page>> endobj 75 0 obj <>stream �oIA)�R�� ��:

“The NSW Government is focussed on delivering results for the people of NSW. Parliamentary Secretaries in the Assembly, NSW Legislative Assembly Practice, Procedure and Privilege, natasha.maclaren-jones@parliament.nsw.gov.au, Parliamentary Secretary for Regional Transport, Parliamentary Secretary to the Deputy Premier, Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast, Parliamentary Secretary for Cost of Living, Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer and for COVID Recovery, Parliamentary Secretary for Energy and the Arts, Parliamentary Secretary for Families, Disability and Emergency Services, Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment and Veterans, Parliamentary Secretary for Regional Roads and Infrastructure, Government Whip in the Legislative Council, Parliamentary Secretary for Transport and Roads, Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism and Major Events, Parliamentary Secretary for Police and Justice, Parliamentary Secretary to the Attorney General, Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier and Western Sydney. In her capacity as Member for Holsworthy: Phone (02) 9825 3653Fax (02) 9825 4861holsworthy@parliament.nsw.gov.au, Phone (02) 9976 2773Fax (02) 9976 2993manly@parliament.nsw.gov.au, Phone (02) 6643 1244Fax (02) 6642 7574clarence@parliament.nsw.gov.au. In several countries the position has been re-designated as assistant minister. endstream endobj 77 0 obj <>stream Equipment, services and facilities may be supplied if   requested, as determined by the Minister, to assist Parliamentary   Secretaries in performing their official duties. Such staff assistance will be provided from   the Minister’s office budget. Both options are available to Parliamentary Secretaries, however, all Ministers and their Departments must be aware of the policy guidelines which must be followed in determining which option will be used. Mobile   telephones for business/private purposes, with the exception of private   international calls from Australia (plus GST) which need to be paid by the   Parliamentary Secretary as a private expense. In his capacity as Member for Riverstone: Phone (02) 8883 3499Fax (02) 8883 3355riverstone@parliament.nsw.gov.au. These will only be available from the Premier's Department fleet on a cost recovery basis. 0 If a Minister wishes the Parliamentary   Secretary to function within the Minister’s own accommodation, any costs are paid   from the Minister’s office budget. endstream endobj startxref

One aspect of that is the part dealing with prohibited interests, including secondary employment?---Ah hmm. New South Wales ministers and parliamentary secretaries will be banned from taking commissions on property deals after the Daryl Maguire scandal that is … Mr Baird said Andrew Constance will take on additional responsibility with the portfolio of Industrial Relations and Rob Stokes will take on Minister for the Central Coast, while Duncan Gay will take on the role of Government Leader of the NSW Legislative Council. endstream endobj 76 0 obj <>stream It now looks set to pass the upper house to become law. Parliamentary Secretaries are appointed by the Premier under Part 4A of the Constitution Act 1902. LC Franklin The Nationals Male false Gibbons, Melanie MP (Legislative Assembly) Member for Holsworthy ; Parliamentary Secretary for Families, Disability and Emergency Services Parliamentary Secretaries may be provided with a full-time   Secretary/Stenographer, Research Officer or Project Officer at the discretion   of the Minister(s) they are assisting. Maguire did not do so. The Honourable Benjamin Cameron Franklin MLC Parliamentary Secretary for Renewable Energy and Northern NSW. Mr Christopher Gulaptis MP Parliamentary Secretary for Regional Planning. Before this is given, the host agency must satisfy the Premier's Department of the need for a self drive vehicle. In his capacity as Member for Myall Lakes: Phone (02) 6555 4099Fax (02) 6555 4780myalllakes@parliament.nsw.gov.au. In his capacity as Member for Upper Hunter: Phone (02) 6543 1065Fax (02) 6543 1416upperhunter@parliament.nsw.gov.au, Phone (02) 9230 2836Fax (02) 9230 2698natasha.maclaren-jones@parliament.nsw.gov.au, Phone (02) 9525 6378Fax (02) 9540 2517miranda@parliament.nsw.gov.au, Phone (07) 5523 4816Fax (07) 5523 4817tweed@parliament.nsw.gov.au. An official car and driver can only be used for official business.

“Matthew has been a hardworking Treasury Parliamentary Secretary over the past three years, and has the skills to excel in his new role to cut the red tape burden on small business and help protect consumers,” said Mr Baird. All Parliamentary Secretaries are subject to the same travel rules as Ministers, which are outlined in Section 3 of this Handbook. Ministers and parliamentary secretaries will be banned from seeking or accepting commissions from property developers under legislation which passed parliament on Tuesday. “Duncan’s promotion to leader of the Upper House reflects the extraordinary high regard in which he is held by his Parliamentary colleagues,” said Mr Baird. For Regional Parliamentary Secretaries, transport may be provided for official business purposes as approved by the Premier or Deputy Premier (or their delegates). And another part is the provisions or the part regarding employment after leaving ministerial office.---Ah hmm. The Hon.

A self drive vehicle is an entitlement available to Parliamentary Secretaries if approval is given by the Director General, Premier's Department. At the same time she expanded her ministry by one to 24 members. 72 0 obj <> endobj Parliamentary Secretaries may have the use of a car and driver only when on official business in connection with duties of Parliamentary Secretaries, ie., on an 'as required' basis to attend meetings and functions in their capacity as Parliamentary Secretary as determined by the Minister.

Icac’s independence ‘threatened’ by NSW funding model, Icac then subsequently began an inquiry into Maguire, Independent Commission Against Corruption. For Legislative Assembly Member profiles,

Parliamentary Secretaries may have the use of a car and driver only when on official business in connection with duties of Parliamentary Secretaries, ie., on an 'as required' basis to attend meetings and functions in their capacity as Parliamentary Secretary as determined by the Minister.

“We should allow the integrity commission to do their work and, as premier, I will do what the people of NSW want me to do,” she said, pointing to her record on managing the state’s Covid-19 outbreaks and keeping case numbers low. Alternatively send your comments or queries online. Woo-hoo.”. At the federal level, the Ministers of State Act 1952 provides for the Prime Minister to appoint a member from either house of Parliament to be a parliamentary secretary to a minister. NSW Premier Mike Baird today announced the appointment of Stuart Ayres as Minister for Police and Emergency Services and the promotion of Matthew Mason-Cox to the NSW Cabinet team. Parliamentary Secretaries work from their Parliament House   office, unless other arrangements are made with the Minister(s) they are   assisting. Members' profiles are maintained by the Table Offices. contact the Legislative Council Procedure Office on (02) 9230 2319. Costs are paid from the Minister’s office   budget. %PDF-1.5 %���� In his capacity as Member for Ku-ring-gai: Phone (02) 9487 8588Fax (02) 9487 8550kuringgai@parliament.nsw.gov.au. Mr Baird said he was delighted to promote Matthew Mason-Cox into Cabinet. Bills. LA Motor vehicle entitlements for Parliamentary Secretaries can fall into two categories, an official car and driver or a self drive vehicle. �^��� ��c Cost savings to the NSW tax payer in providing the motor vehicle entitlement should be a major consideration in the decision to provide a self drive vehicle.

Each Department or Authority must nominate a contact officer in the covering submission to the Director General, Premier's Department. The entitlement is available on an 'as required' basis. Exactly how the proposed law would be enforced remains unclear. 103 0 obj <>stream This must include a cost benefit analysis, which clearly demonstrates the advantage of the use of a self drive vehicle.

20 But you’re also aware that some aspects of the NSW Ministerial Code of Conduct do not apply to parliamentary secretaries?---Yes. %+�6 The Premier has approved a new policy for motor vehicle entitlements of Parliamentary Secretaries (attached). Legislation proposed by Labor passes lower house with support of the Coalition government, Last modified on Tue 20 Oct 2020 03.45 EDT.

Although the office of Parliamentary Secretary was being filled from early 1975, the legislation to formally establish the position and authorise a salary and expense allowance did not pass through Parliament until September - October 1975.

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