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Potatoes are agricultural food in the game Minecraft that can be raw, baked, and poisonous. They can be obtained by either harvesting potato crops, which will have a 2% chance of dropping, by killing a zombie, or by finding them in stacks of 2-6 in shipwrecks, which will be found in 45% of their supply chests . Poisonous Potatoes are semi-rare items introduced along with the potato. Poisonous potato is a type of potato when it is eaten, a poisoning effect is applied for 4 seconds. However, only two hearts will be lost (less if a player has less than two). One of these items is the poisonous potato. They restore twice as much hunger as the Potato (which isn't much), but, sadly, have a 60% chance to poison eaters. Poisonous Potatoes have a slightly different texture than normal Potatoes, being slightly smaller, and having a greenish color. These can also be sold for 10 coins, making them a side money maker from zombie minions. A Poisonous Potato is a type of potato that has a 60% chance of poisoning the player. It can be planted, eaten, and cooked in an oven. Poisonous Potatoes can be used to brew the non-vanilla Venomous Potion. Using and akward potion and a poisonous potato you could create a potion of hunger, which incorporates a unused feature that is inaccessible without commands. In minecraft, their are several odd items with very little use in the game. An interesting fact is that poisonous potatoes restore more hunger and satiety units than regular ones. Poisonous Potato is a Common consumable item occasionally dropped by Zombies and can be found in the Graveyard, Deep Caverns and the Private Island through Zombie Minions. Poisonous Potatoes cannot be either cooked or … A poisonous potato is a type of potato that can poison the player.

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