alexios or kassandra better voice acting


So help me out guys and girls and tell me who you picked and if you are happy with your choice. Also the day long cut scene where a dude is playing music, having dinner or chatting with friends while he's waiting for his wife and Kassandra to finish "knowing each other... biblical sense" was kind of funny. I think I will take at least baseline competency and not feeling out of place from the scene the character is in. As someone who can spend hours in character creation/selection screens, AC Odyssey turned out to be another personal nightmare. I like many like kassandra over alexios, but i think her being the better choice is probably exaggerated on gfaqs to spite user Spartanmisthios and his repeated salty topics trying to prove to everyone that alexios is better.

Console Launchapalooza: The PlayStation 5, Console Launchapalooza: The Xbox Series X, Game » Only in recent years that has started to change and we got a lot more diversity among male characters as well as lots of women protagonists, both groups of different races and orientations and so on. Kassandra. Kassandra's VA is great, but I'd say Alexios' is pretty comparable. Restarted over as Kassandra after 30 hrs with Alexios and could still not get into the voice over for him. consists of 20 releases. NSFW and illegal content promotion are STRICTLY prohibited.

Kassandra all the way. I played through all of Kephalonia as Kassandra and just couldn't get into her as the character. Alexios is a white dude now?

She always sounded so snarky, which as a fellow snark, I appreciate.

@ivdamke You're right, I apologize. The voice acting is great and the character seems well fleshed out. Not gonna be sexist or what, but i played Kassandra for 8 hours, and unfortunately, i don't really immerse with my playthrough (i am playing warrior atm), I chose Kassandra because she's the canon in the novel counterpart of the game. I couldn't pick Alexios in good conscience after reading she was the Canon protagonist. By all accounts there's absolutely zero reason to choose the meathead. So it might not be as cut and dry as your snark would suggest. I'm also super tired and bored of playing the cliche "tough, dark-haired, straight white dudes" who are protags in like 95% of games (all games not just AC) so whenever there's another option I'm gonna choose it.

Please review our submission rules and spoiler policy before posting - spoilers must be correctly flaired. A phenomena entirely due to the fantastic performances of Alexios actor Michael Antonakos, and Kassandra actor Melissanthi Mahut. while Kassandra just reads through. I chose Kassandra for multiple reasons: not only was she the intended main character, and is so in the novelization of the game, but as many people have said here, the voice acting and facial animation display that went along with her was far more realistic and was what I wanted to see for my first play through as I found everything out for the first time.

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