feather river flows


Just before entering Lake Oroville the Ponderosa Diversion Dam impounds the South Fork in the Ponderosa Reservoir. The artificially connected. The total length from the mouth of the East Branch to the source of Last Chance Creek is about 89 miles (143 km). By the end of the 19th century Indian Valley was considered the most important valley of Plumas County and its swampy land was developed into a prosperous agricultural landscape.

; Flow colors: 15 frozen, 15 low, 15 okay, 15 high, 15 unknown. [22] It is formed by the joining of a number of tributaries that merge in an inverted river delta wetland with a complex network of irrigation ditches and drains called the Sierra Valley Channels. If there was ever a California river to fly under the radar, it's the well known but poorly understood High Flow section of the Feather. The Middle Fork is the second largest, draining about 32% of the upper basin. [7] Its length to its most distant headwater tributary is just over 210 miles (340 km). The total drainage basin is about 6,200 square miles (16,000 km2), with approximately 3,604 square miles (9,330 km2) above Lake Oroville. This floods extensive areas of farm land.

[13][21] The mouth of the South Fork is considered to be where the river empties into Ponderosa Reservoir, 39°32′55″N 121°16′39″W / 39.54861°N 121.27750°W / 39.54861; -121.27750.

[7], The 46.4-mile-long (74.7 km)[7] West Branch Feather River, sometimes called the West Fork Feather River, has a drainage area that is small but slightly larger than that of the South Fork. When the water levels are increasing or high, that brings new salmon up the river quickly. Vertical Datum updated from NGVD29 to NAVD88 by gauge owner. The water ultimately empties into Butte Creek, a tributary of the Sacramento River. Overflow of the east bank begins east of Gridley. When the water levels are increasing or high, the fish move freely and new salmon and steelhead travel up the river quickly. Below the dam the South Fork flows southwest between Mooreville Ridge and Lumpkin Ridge and enters Butte County. issued by the NWS Sacramento Weather Forecast Office.

Questions? Water diversions, especially from Lake Oroville, has reduced the streamflow of the Feather River. The valley's elevation is nearly 5,000 feet (1,500 m). Pacific Gas and Electric Co. announced it will no longer be conducting higher water flows for whitewater recreation on the Feather River during the weekend of Aug. 22-23, saying in a press release … It is joined by Fish Creek and Last Chance Creek (there are several streams named Last Chance Creek in the Feather River watershed). The 3,200 square mile watershed is comprised of 65% public land, managed by the U.S. Forest Service. The Feather River flows from the northern end of Sierra Valley in southeastern Plumas County, and consists of three branches. This water flows into orchards.

[26] Another diversion dam on the West Branch Feather River near Magalia, called the Magalia 73 Dam, conveys water into the Upper Miocene Canal, which runs to Kunkle Reservoir and the Lime Saddle Powerhouse on Lake Oroville. Below Canyon Dam the North Fork flows generally southwest through the Sierra Nevada, receiving the East Branch North Fork Feather River near Belden. The American and Indian Valleys were settled in the 1850s. NOTE: Crests prior to 10/1/2019 are in an old datum.

[13], The North Fork continues flowing south below the East Branch confluence. Since the 1960s, the river has provided water to central and southern California, as the main source of water for the California State Water Project. To view other verification locations, use our, Historical High Stage/Flow Events (Period of Record - Mar 1929 to Present), * Discharge affected by regulation or diversion, ** Peak stage before regulation by Oroville Dam began in 1967 (also old datum), *** Datum difference is -2.9 ft and must be applied to data to convert from NGVD29 to NAVD88, **** Datum changed from USED to NAVD88 on 10/01/2019. Water levels in the Smith River can change rapidly when storms come through, and can make a difference in fishing success. The Middle Fork drains about 32% of the upper basin. Settlements in the valley include Loyalton, Sierraville, and Beckwourth, with Portola just west of sierra valley. American Valley is about 3,410 feet (1,040 m) in elevation and supports a population of about 6,500. They proceeded up a tributary, and found a place where the whole surface was covered in feathers. This route was selected because it leads to a low pass over the Sierra Nevada mountains. National Hydrography Dataset high-resolution flowline data. Top of levee. From 1969 to 2009 the average flow is 1,086 cubic feet per second (30.8 m3/s), mainly due to diversion for power generation at the Thermalito pumped-storage plant. Oroville blocks salmon and steelhead from reaching many miles of spawning habitat and dramatically alters the flows and water quality of the Feather River downstream. purposes only. October 2, 1968. Downstream from Last Chance Creek a diversion dam draws off some of the West Branch's water. [12][21], Two large endorheic lakes, Eagle Lake and Honey Lake, lie north of the upper Feather River basin, across the Diamond Mountains. River levels identified as "guidance" have significant uncertainty [13], Historically, the Maidu were the main Native American inhabitants of the upper Feather River basin's American, Indian, and Sierra Valleys. [13][21], Flowing west through the mountains from its source in the Sierra Valley the Middle Fork is joined by Big Grizzly Creek, which drains Lake Davis to the north. The main stem Feather River begins at O… Confluence of Rice Creek and South Arm Rice Creek, This page was last edited on 12 October 2020, at 20:53.

It flows west and southwest to Little Grass Valley Reservoir, an impoundment created by Little Grass Valley Dam. [11], The Feather is unique in that two of its tributaries, the East Branch and Middle Fork, originate east of the Sierra Nevada in the Diamond Mountains and breach the crest of the Sierra as they flow west. The Feather receives the Yuba River from the east at Yuba City and the Bear River from the east 15 miles (24 km) south of Yuba City. Please Contact Us. The watershed's high mountain streams are often utilized in complex schemes for hydroelectricity generation, including the Pacific Gas and Electric Canyon Power Project on the North Fork, which uses water from Lake Almanor, and the Yuba Hydroelectric Project which taps the Middle and South Forks of the Yuba River. Continuing west, the Middle Fork passes the small settlement of Sloat in Long Valley, then enters a long and deep gorge. — Paul Newman, Rivers, Trails & Conservation Assistance Program, Section 7 Flowchart & Sample Determinations. It is joined by numerous small tributaries. [17] Indian Creek is another long and important tributary, flowing from its source at 40°18′34″N 120°41′36″W / 40.30944°N 120.69333°W / 40.30944; -120.69333, on the south slopes of Diamond Mountain, south and west, through Indian Valley and north of American Valley.

Questions? The South Fork and the West Branch are much smaller, each drains less than 5% of the upper basin. These alternations affected the valley's ecology. Observations As the Sierra Nevada’s largest and northernmost river, it flows 185 miles from its headwaters to the Sacramento River.

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