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Suncor's operations include oil sands development and upgrading, onshore and offshore oil and gas production, petroleum refining, and product marketing under the Petro-Canada brand. What would you say to those who say that the oil sands are part of the problem, not the solution? Its Executive and Board examine the risks and opportunities related to climate issues. Calgary, Canada Area.

But Western Canada’s overall emissions increased 14% from 2005 to 2018, as oil output doubled. Jon has 1 job listed on their profile. Suncor’s governance and management processes identify key risks, such as climate, which are then taken into account in its disclosure activities. Suncor: seizing sustainable development opportunities. KLP, Norway’s largest pension fund, exited oil sands investments last year, while the country’s $1 trillion wealth fund in May blacklisted Suncor and other large producers for producing excessive greenhouse gas emissions. Alberta’s move is worrisome, said Jamie Bonham, director of corporate engagement at NEI Investments, a firm focused on responsible investing, which holds stakes in the sector to advocate for green improvements. Il est responsable de la performance de Suncor en matière de développement durable, de la gestion des problèmes de développement durable, de la collaboration entre influenceurs et du développement de pratiques environnementales, sociales et de gouvernance (ESG) de premier plan. A process involving over a hundred people and rigorous quality control has been put in place, but this data collection is not only useful for the preparation of the SDR. He noted that a major commercial carbon capture project began operations this month. Jon Mitchell Emergency Management Limited Emergency Management Support to Queenstown Lakes District Council Emergency Management planning, response coordination training, training needs analysis, exercise design/ management/ evaluation, EOC/ECC design and support, response coordination deployment capability. He believes that the TCFD, SASB and initiatives like the Towards Sustainable Mining initiative go a long way in leveraging indicators that provide this flexibility yet remain consistent across sectors. That likely will mean increased electrification; opportunities to develop new technologies, products and value chain; and innovation to address the world’s biggest sustainability problems, through collaboration across sectors and circular systems. We as an industry, and as society, need to find a way to take rapid action on climate change while supplying the reliable energy our world has come to expect.

For us at Suncor, it means listening and learning from a wide spectrum of individuals and groups. We’re also very excited about our new strategic partnership with Microsoft and where it will take us. A membe... Information without innovation is just data, Jon Mitchell’s role in Suncor is Vice President, Jon Mitchell’s email address is j***, Jon Mitchell’s business email address is j***, Jon Mitchell’s direct phone number is (403) ***-****, Jon Mitchell’s HQ phone number is (403) 296-8000. Considering the size of the challenge in terms of conciseness in disclosure, Mr. Mitchell notes that Suncor's extensive experience has allowed it to develop an approach focused on the interests of most of its stakeholders. Some investors and banks, meanwhile, halted financing in part to pressure the world’s fourth-largest crude producer to reduce the environmental impact of oil-sands production. We believe collaboration is key if we’re going to address sustainability-related challenges and opportunities. See here for a complete list of exchanges and delays. "This creates momentum within the company and provides focus for our engineers and scientists working to meet these sometimes very technical challenges," states Mr. Mitchell. Although we’ve made some tangible advances in environmental performance, we know that there’s more work to be done, especially if the world is to successfully transition to a low-carbon future and still meet growing energy demand.

In Canada we have an opportunity to create the space for a different conversation around what leadership looks like for Canada’s transition to a low-carbon future. Around half of the principal risks identified relate to climate, and one of the risks is exclusively allocated to it. have cut a combined C$1.8 billion ($1.32 billion) in planned spending on green initiatives as losses mount due to economic lockdowns that have hammered oil demand. Filings show that Suncor, Cenovus and Imperial Oil.

What does “energy transformation” mean at Suncor?

Looking back from 2050, success will mean everyone in the world will have access to the energy they need, without having to compromise on social or environmental wellness. Later this month, we are hosting a sustainability forum with our major suppliers. At the same time, we are developing low-carbon options such as biofuels and renewables. Which industry does Jon Mitchell work in?

Vancouver, BC According to Mr. Mitchell, the investment community is transforming as ESG performance gains importance, particularly for the energy sector. Copyright © 2020 Renewable fuel and energy are among the business opportunities that Suncor has seized, diversifying its investment portfolio. The budget included work on green initiatives such as solvent-aided extraction and a new design for oil sands facilities. Suncor vice president of sustainability Jon Mitchell said it and other green investments hinge on the financial health of the company’s core business extracting crude. Jon provides leadership on key public policy, environment and sustainability issues in the energy sector. What does this look like in action?

Some examples of questions that would be great to have some dialogue around are: How can Canada develop its own unique, national narrative on climate action? At Suncor, we have decades of expertise, skill and knowledge that is being applied to the emerging energy economy. Consultation of stakeholders is therefore essential to find out the real concerns of the communities and ensure disclosure meets their needs.

In order to write an effective SDR, Suncor also observes global standards such as those of SASB to determine what is material and the impact the company has on ESG issues. We’re investing in emerging and potentially transformative technologies, including new digital capabilities. This year, top producers Suncor Energy SU.TO, Canadian Natural Resources CNQ.TO and Cenovus Energy CVE.TO have cut a combined C$1.8 billion ($1.32 billion) in planned spending on green initiatives as losses mount due to economic lockdowns that have hammered oil demand. It’s exciting to see how expertise we’ve gained in running existing oil sands facilities is being leveraged to drive improved performance in the biofuels industry and help build an emerging market. An exciting example of the future of the industry is our recent investment in Enerkem, which transforms municipal waste into renewable liquid fuels.

Suncor, Canadian Natural and Imperial declined to say how much of those budgets have been cut this year.

Wellington Metropolitan Area. "Our report is a powerful tool to help deliver these results.”, Mélanie Pilon, journalist for the Finance and Sustainability Initiative of Finance Montréal, The future belongs to responsible companies, Presenting the results of sustainable finance planning, Finance Montréal's priorities featured in Finance et Investissement, Canada FinTech Forum launches Million Dollar Startup.

MEG Energy MEG.TO did not respond. ", Suncor has also publicly committed to a sustainability goal focused on strengthening relationships with Indigenous peoples. Jon Mitchell. “Right now we do not have one,” Natural Resources Minister Seamus O’Regan said in May on a panel. WINNIPEG, Manitoba/TORONTO (Reuters) - Canadian oil sands companies have shelved nearly C$2 billion in green initiatives in a cost-cutting drive to weather the coronavirus pandemic, a reversal in some of their commitments to reduce emissions and clean up their dirty-oil image.

The opportunity is there if we choose to take advantage of it. Jon Mitchell’s role in Suncor Energy Inc. is Vice President What is Jon Mitchell’s email address? What do you wish people asked you, but don’t? That means recognizing that the best solutions come when everyone is at the table and is willing to bring their best ideas forward. Canada’s oil firms have invested in recent years to reduce their emissions intensity. "The identification of the most significant subjects, or material topics, must be based on a dialogue with the stakeholders and be inspired by the definitions of materiality of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) or the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) ", she further specifies.

Bringing the notion of concrete to universities. Jon Mitchell DST Ops & Sales: Global, Open-Hole, Cased-Hole, 2001-Present. We think there’s good reason for optimism – businesses are mobilizing effort and collaborating like never before, and we’re seeing large investments being focused on innovation and technology. What does 2050 look like if we’ve got it right? We must expand upon the expertise and experience that we have gained from traditional resources and apply that knowledge and skill to create the low- carbon future we all want. Experienced Regional Vice President with a demonstrated history of working in the security and investigations industry. Actually, ESG issues related to the supply chain should be a key part of the responsible investment process," she said. Tout au long de sa carrière, Jon a eu le privilège de conseiller l’industrie et le gouvernement sur la manière d’établir et de maintenir un leadership climatique parmi les juridictions productrices d’énergie ; comment gérer l’air, les sols et les ressources en eau ; et où investir dans l’innovation propre. “We recognize that addressing big challenges like climate change requires all of us to work together. In addition to scientific literature, the students revised several key concepts to better understand the complexity of the publication of an SDR: the definitions of responsibility and sustainable development; the different motivations of investors, such as risk management or reputation protection; responsible investment strategies; as well as the challenges of disseminating extra-financial or environmental, social and governance (ESG) information. 2050 is not a date when utopia arrives, but rather a point we can target to make sure that we are driving meaningful results and that today’s ambitious pragmatism works.

Jon’s public profile badge Include this LinkedIn profile on other websites "I believe that companies in the Oil and Gas sector are evolving in response to pressures from their stakeholders, who are increasingly pushing them to develop relevant accountability processes," she adds. Alberta, heart of most of Canada’s production, reduced environmental monitoring requirements temporarily, saying it was necessary to comply with health orders regarding the pandemic. The oil sands industry is more carbon-intensive than other forms of crude production, and faces more intense pressure from investors to limit emissions. Jon Mitchell. In the end this is about driving action," adds Mr. Mitchell. How have things changed in the last five years?

In 2017, the company released its first stand-alone report on climate risks and outcomes, demonstrating alignment with the TCFD principles, while providing credible and comparable disclosure of climate measures. We’ve also participated in ground-breaking social initiatives like the Energy Futures Lab (EFL), which brings together diverse partners to advance a fit-for-the-future energy system.

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