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The Cherokee 180 had the simple, rectangular, Hershey-bar wing, it had a stall that was practically undetectable, and it was about the easiest machine to land I’d ever encountered. Piper Cherokee 180 PA 28 180 Read about the Piper Cherokee 180 (PA-28-180) including reviews by expert pilots and owners.

When we’re baby birds, we appreciate that flying has some inherent dangers, but we know just enough to think we’ll be able to avoid them. Meanwhile, the Piper Flyer Association (PFA, www.piperflyer.org) offers services similar to POS’s. Developed in many versions with fixed gear.

The airplane gives up 10 knots to a Tiger but pulls ahead of a Cessna 172. Later models came with all-metal instrument panels—the Royalite plastic overlays were finally banned.

Apparently, so many folks regarded the original Champ taildragger with such reverence that there wasn’t much enthusiasm for a nosegear version. I didn’t share their enthusiasm as I dodged the boat masts, clawing for altitude to clear the power lines at the end of the lake. No, production hasn’t been continuous over the last half century, but the very fact that Piper continues to build the Archer says much for the model’s staying power. There are two type clubs serving the Piper Archer models.

Drift on up to 10,000 feet altitude, lean the mixture for 55 percent and you could extend that another 50-75 nm.

There aren‘t many like this one around - especially at this price!

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Slow with unremarkable handling characteristics, the Piper Archer is a safe, stable plane, that is easy to land even on short runways. This plane is perfect for just poking holes in the sky in an inexpensive way.

Later Archers allow a 2550-pound gross but empty weights are often higher, so payloads are lower. There are plenty of Archers to choose from on the used market. https://www.facebook.com/PiperOwnerSociety?fref=ts. Met-Co-Aire offers replacement wingtips, tailcones and dorsal fins. Although some are in denial about it, the love affair with batteries for electric airplanes is, for the short term, on hold.... © 2020 Aviation Publishing Group. It had a pair of Narco Mk 12s, an ADF, switching panel, and even a Narco autopilot.

https://www.facebook.com/PiperOwnerSociety?fref=ts. With full tanks, that allows 650 pounds of people and stuff, or three husky people and a bit of baggage. Fortunately, the prevailing winds favored the runway that departed directly out over the lake. … Piper Archers don’t have much AD baggage. Piper placed it there, presumably to help with loading. Lilium Selects Orlando For First Air Taxi Hub, NASA Begins Wind Tunnel Testing For Electric X-Plane Props, Can A Computer Think Like A Pilot?

In slow flight, the airplane has no bad habits, nor does it build speed in unusual attitudes. That’s obviously a question we’ll never have an answer for, but there are other pressing problems that we can at least debate logically without anyone wanting to throw something. And until the mid-1990s, the 172 wasn’t available fresh from the factory with a fixed-pitch propeller and more than 160 HP, while Piper offered the Cherokee 180, a model besting the basic Skyhawk in almost every category and which remains available today as the Archer III. Compare price and specifications of all Piper Cherokee 180 models in our listings. Make sure a pre-buy includes an inspection and check the wing-attach fittings, too. With the single cabin door on the wrong side, loading isn’t easy.

But the Archer’s mix of good numbers, good looks and ongoing production—which usually translates into excellent parts availability—means its popularity likely will continue.

But that’s true only because those older designs perform well enough that potential new entrants know they’d encounter stiff headwinds trying to bring a new model to market.

My flights were nearly all with four folks aboard (the better to split the hourly cost), so I was flying near gross on practically every trip.

First rolled out in 1963, the original Cherokee 180 has been upgraded considerably, but is fundamentally still the same airframe, with some 10,000 flying.

On the upside, frequently needed switches—master, fuel pump, beacons and the like—are mounted just above the engine controls. But in a misguided effort to save weight, the company at one time equipped its airplanes with aluminum battery cables, which proved susceptible to corrosion. It has been a vehicle for exploration and travel that never would have been possible while I was renting.

Piper long ago abandoned its overhead pitch trim control—pilots never could remember which way to turn it to get what they wanted—and put a conventional wheel on the center console, between the seats.

Priced in the low $300,000 range, the current Archer LX has Garmin’s G1000 integrated avionics (standard are two 10-inch displays), electronic engine indication system, a backup EFIS system, plus an ultra-modern paint scheme. The basic tapered wing first was installed on the then-new 1974-era Warrior and, after a few tweaks involving the aileron control system, was added to the company’s other PA-28 models and, eventually, to the PA-32.

Parking or emergency braking is controlled by a meaty handle and locking mechanism just to the left of the center console and easily manipulated with the pilot’s right hand. One of the Cherokee 180’s strongest suits is useful load. Throughout its history, the PA-28-180/181 has used essentially the same Lycoming O-360—still 180 HP—with only minor variant changes, although many wish for fuel injection. One SDR found they had been installed incorrectly. That same engine is installed in new Archers today.

Insurance was easy and not overly expensive.

The 180-hp engine was more than adequate to the task.

The Piper Archer, aka the Cherokee 180, is a four place, low wing, single-engine airplane. Pulled back to sightseeing/long-range speed (2100 RPM) I true around 100 knots burning 6.2 GPH. Fly a nice approach speed and the Cherokee will reward you with a precise, short landing every time. The Archers are safe, stable and predictable and easy to land, even on short runways.

Avion PIPER PA 28 – 180 du 4ème Trim. By comparison, a 1980 Cessna 172 retails for about $42,000 while a Grumman/GA Tiger of about the same vintage sells for around $50,000. In service since 1961 (PA-28-140 since 1964).

There was no 1991 Archer, as Piper became ensnared in the light-aircraft industry’s overall economic troubles but by 1995, a reinvigorated and rebranded company—New Piper—rolled out the Piper Archer III. For better or worse, someone wrecked the Tri-Traveler at my school, and I transferred to a Piper Colt, again a variation on a previous design, in this case, the Piper Tri-Pacer. Specifically, the semi-tapered wing on the 1976 and later Archers yielded benefits at both ends of the airspeed spectrum.

1966 PA-28-180 Review by James Ellis.

The 2014 model features Garmin flat panel avionics, a thinner, semi-tapered wing, and enhancements in every area, but the basic fuselage and airfoil remain very much the same as on the original. An airworthiness directive (AD 79-22-02) addresses peeling tank sealant, with which owners long ago should have complied. Browse through Piper Cherokee 180 specs and photo galleries.

This list of Piper Cherokee 180 ADs is provided as a service and is copied directly from the FAA website. Are you not a pilot but want to be? Get Financing as low as USD $275.81 / monthly* Aircraft Location: Kokomo, Indiana.

Bill Cox took his first flight in a Piper J-3 Cub in 1953 and has logged some 15,000 hours in 311 different types of aircraft since. Our plane has a useful load of about 940 pounds and is nicely equipped with modern avionics, including Garmin GNS430.

Remember, this was 1968.

No, I never told them how close they’d come to oblivion.

Beautiful 1965 Piper Cherokee 180. The 180 and I spent probably 50 rental hours together in that first year, and since the airplane’s primary mission was to provide me with four seats that allowed me to aviate with a quartet of folks in the buckets and protect me from major evil during the landing phase, I came to respect the Cherokee 180.

Featured Plane, Piper Cherokee 180, Piper Cherokee Reviews.

According to the POH, the airplane will climb out from sea level at about 740 FPM but, by the time it reaches 6000 feet MSL, upward mobility has trended off to around 450 FPM. Posted by Piper Owner Society | Piper Airplane Specs, Piper Cherokee 180 |, Piper Cherokee 180 specs and Piper Cherokee 180 Useful Load – Specifications & Performance for a 1965 Piper Cherokee 180. Le Piper PA-28 est un avion léger construit par Piper Aircraft.. Overall the Cherokee 180 is an economical, comfortable, versatile machine that I think would satisfy the (realistic) needs of most pilots well. 1966 Piper PA-28-180 "Cherokee 180" (N9085J, s/n 28-3122) Overview 2 First flown on January 14, 1960, the Cherokee is a low-cost four-seat all-metal low-wing monoplane with a non-retractable tricycle landing gear. It will haul a pile of weight, is easy and forgiving to fly, has adequate cruise speed for all but the longest trips and has simple, reliable, and easy-to-maintain systems that won’t break the bank.

When the clouds hang low and the fog rolls in, my hangar in Southern California seems to attract a group of pilots who like to sit around and debate such questions as why the president needs to shut down all VFR traffic at 32 airports within 30 miles of LAX every time he visits the L.A area. The original Archer wing’s span of 32 feet increases to 35 feet, five inches on the Archer II after it’s tapered, while the service ceiling decreases and takeoff ground roll increases. That left 1010 pounds for useful load, and a very respectable 710 pound payload. It’s A Trivial…, When A Good Landing Falls Into Your Lap—Brag, AVweb VODCAST: Why Electric Airplane Designers Are Turning To Hybrid Drives, Submit Your Photo To Our Picture Of The Week Contest, Top Letters And Comments, November 6, 2020, STOL Competition To Headline Sun ‘N Fun Holiday Flying Festival, Sun ‘N Fun To Host Holiday Flying Festival, Wright Brothers Memorial Banquet Goes Virtual, Eight Peacekeepers Killed In Helicopter Crash, Piper, UND Launch Brand Ambassador Program, Hill Helicopters Unveils New Turbine Engine, FAA Issues Aircraft Interior Disinfection Safety Bulletin, Textron Aviation Offering SAF With New Aircraft, Dynon SkyView HDX Earns First Twin Approval, Levil Launches Digital Instrument Panel App, GPS Users Ask Senate Committee To Block Cell Network.

I’ve developed an interest in backcountry flying and the Cherokee 180 works OK for this, provided you keep it light and respect its (and your) limitations.

I’m surprised at how efficient the airplane is to fly. And this Piper’s lineage highlights something Piper has always done well, perhaps better than everyone else: Build a good basic model and evolve it into improved follow-on products without greatly increasing manufacturing costs.

These changes, of course, brought escalating prices. In the heady days of the 1960s and 1970s, personal airplane manufacturers were heavily invested in marketing their products the same way Detroit had been selling cars: Get new owners hooked on an entry-level model, offer several step-up models and make annual but incremental improvements.

More than coincidentally, a variation of the PA28-180 is still being produced at Piper’s factory in Vero Beach, Florida. Another problem is leaky fuel tanks, particularly on older airplanes.

That’s a more common bottom line than you might imagine.


The deficit isn’t overcome until the 1980 model but—all things being equal—prices start escalating from there.

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