luitgard wife of charlemagne



Rodulfus Glaber names "Odo…filius Tetbaldi Carnotensis cognomento fallacis", recording that he was "chief among the rebels…who rebelled against the king [Robert I] from positions that should have made them humble"[49]. Charlemagne Carolingian, Duke of Bavaria, King of the Franks, King of the Lombards, Holy Roman Emperor, was born 2 April 747 in Herstal, Belgium to Pepin the Short (714-768) and Bertrada of Laon (720-783) and died 28 January 814 in Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany of unspecified causes. She married Charlemagne in 794 and died of unknown causes on 4 June 800.

"Odonis comitis filii Theobaldi comitis" subscribed the charter dated 950 under which Ragnfred Bishop of Chartres donated property to Chartres Saint-Père[48]. Luitgard (died 4 June 800) was the fourth and last wife of Charlemagne.[1]. consumed by the flames of ardor within the hero's breast. Accola te Ligeris, te deflet et Itala tellus, The Liber Modernorum Regum Francorum refers to the wife of "Tetbaudi comitis" as "sorore Herberti Trecorum comitis"[1319]. [13] She was buried the following day (1 May 783) in the Abbey of Saint-Arnould in Metz.

"Le comte Thibault père de Thibault" relinquished rights relating to "les terres de Vancé, de Joué, de Martigny et de Berthenay" to Tours Saint-Martin and paid for his future burial in the abbey by charter dated to [944][25]. in 784, and had a fourth wife, Luitgard. Rodulfus Glauber names "Odonem" son of "Tetbaldus [et] sororem [Heribertum Trecorum comitem]"[50]. As described by historians such as Pierre Riché (. He plotted against Richard I Comte [de Normandie], who defeated his forces in [955] after the French had captured Evreux[31]. EUDES de Blois (-Châteaudun [12 Feb/4 Jul][47] 995, bur Tours, Abbaye de Saint-Martin, Marmoutier). "Theobaldi comitis…Ledgardis comitisse" subscribed the charter dated 950 under which Ragnfred Bishop of Chartres donated property to Chartres Saint-Père, although the relationship between the two is not specified[1320]. 2. These simple golden figures glow in red and yellow, Even though her husband was an iconoclast, she harbored iconophile sympathies. Its name day is 16 October, the same date as that of the Blessed Luitgard of Wittichen. In 825, his father, King Egbert, defeated King Beornwulf of Mercia, ending a long Mercian dominance over Anglo-Saxon England south of the Humber. Together with her husband, she was the main benefactress of the Monastery of Kempten (founded in 752), who received financial and political support. On the facades of some houses were shown the image of the Queen, and on the edge of the Kempten forest there was the Hildegard Oak (Hildegardseiche) for several years until it was replaced by a new plantation. This biography of a member of a European royal house is a stub.


Seigneur de Chino, de Saumur et de Beaugency. Luitgard was the daughter of an Alamannian count. Luitgard (died 4 June 800) was the fourth and last wife of Charlemagne.. Luitgard was the daughter of an Alamannian count. Mother of Hildegarde de Blois; Duke Bathel de Normandie; Thibaut III, comte de Blois; Hugo de Blois, Archbishop of Bourges; Emma of Blois and 1 other; and Odo I, count of Blois « less "Odo comes" restored "villam…Culturas" to the abbey of Marmoutier by charter dated 3 May 983, signed by "Berte comitisse uxoris eius, majoris filii eius Teutboldi, minoris filii eius Odonis adhuc in cunabulo quiescentis"[56]. His third known concubine was Amaltrud of Vienne. Little is known about her life, because, like all women related to Charlemagne, she became notable only from a political background, recording her parentage, wedding, death, and her role as a mother. The nature of this relationship is variously described as concubinage, a legal marriage, or a Friedelehe. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. [10] by Parian marble, lilies and roses mixed. [5] Quae tantum clarae transcendit stirpis alumnos,

The necrology of Saint-Père-en-Vallée records the death "IV Non Jan" of "Hugo Bituricensis archiepiscopus filius comitisse Legardis", recording that they jointly donated "Gesiacum…predia"[43]. Participem fieri hanc, pater alme, tuis.

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