gallery commission contract


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A title: Art Commission Contract (alternately, Agreement; Confirmation of Engagement) Unlike a standard business letter, the Letter of Agreement (LOA) requires a specific reply, and it is important that the instruction not be buried. Etc. /PaintType 1 If you know how many works of art will be in the show, include that. stream If no such statutory rate applies, payment delinquencies shall bear interest at a rate of two and one-half percent (2.5%) per month. Will the gallery want a commission on outside sales? (30) days following the signature of this Agreement for the Final Illustration. /XStep 8 By making this document private, only you will be able to view or sign it. Suggest changes by making a copy of this document. The contract … Will all inquiries have to be referred to the gallery? For example, will you have to remove prices, specific images, contact information, etc. Unauthorized Use by Client; Indemnity, Client agrees to indemnify Artist against any and all claims and expenses, including but not limited to attorneys’ fees and costs, incurred as a result of Client’s unauthorized use of the Work under this Agreement, including the enforcement of this Agreement by Artist. >> /Pattern764A2A16 4 0 R What local, regional, national or international regions will the representation cover? /BBox [0 0 8 8] Make sure you understand everything in advance. x^�Z�r�6}�W��LD H�y�8�v&�v��Om:E�%�%�����~q�,.dɒ�&�H���= v���}͞g��\���,�s��=��jz�W"�̵誾Ϗ������-nJQ\�3Qܕ3U��׼����4�����9����XΤT��3��o/��e�����^g�wsC��]�I�N�h�An�e� ]E_,����ϻ���m�,;���a��?s|S�:��!���r�s�#�eUU���e��R}~{��EN��=����B'Sq"�+�"� �1V * Should the gallery experience financial problems or close for any reason, you want to make sure all art and unpaid proceeds from any sold art are entirely yours, and that any of your art remaining at the gallery (or in facilities belonging to the gallery) will be returned to YOU AND YOU ALONE.

* If you are being given a show, how long will it last? /YStep 8 As for while the art is in transit, the two of you will have to determine that. /Resources << >> 2. Does the gallery assume all costs or do you assume some of them? * How and when will you get paid? All of these details should be worked out in advance. * Who will determine the look and layout of the show-- the gallery, you or both of you?

Learn more. That time period can always be renegotiated or automatically renewed if things are working out to everyone's satisfaction (or shortened via the escape clause if they're not).

endstream >> ... Will the gallery want a commission on outside sales? If so how? /Resources << It's all good so far, but I don't really know them that well. If yes, those works should be accurately fully itemized including descriptions, dimensions, medium and any other relevant details, and all this along with images of each work. * Who pays incidental expenses like transport, packing, shipping, storage, travel, and so on? Signing with Docracy just got an upgrade — read about our new eversign eSign integration What's changed? Discounts. Depending on the nature of the relationship, the arrangement may include your being able to sell art that the gallery has no interest or investment in. If yes, what percentage? by Bree TruLove, Artwork Commission Agreement - April 29, 2020 This warranty shall not extend to any unauthorized or undisclosed use of the Work by Client which may infringe upon the rights of any other person. If yes, what percentage can that price be reduced? /Height 16 /Subtype /Image For example, if nothing sells after a certain period of time-- say six months-- or the arrangement simply isn't working out for other reasons, either party has the right to terminate the relationship by giving 30 days written notice to the other. 7 0 obj Will certain types of posts have to change or stop during the duration of the contract? >> 3 0 obj /ColorSpace [/Indexed /DeviceRGB 1 8 0 R ] >> endstream If Artist has partially completed the Work, Client agrees to compensate Artist at twenty percent (20%) of the total compensation as an addition to the initial (30%) down payment. If the relationship is new or untested, it's better that the gallery does not have control over all of your art, but rather the exclusive rights to sell only the works or body of work that they're most interested in representing or selling. For example, a commission might simply be a flat fee for making the connection, or it may be a percentage of sales over a fixed time period. Will costs be split? This Agreement (“Agreement”), entered this [date], between [artist name] (“Artist”) and [client name] (“Client”), shall govern the respective rights of Artist and Client … If yes, what art can you sell and under what conditions? Every gallery is different, but most galleries take somewhere around a 50% commission from pieces you sell.

/Filter /FlateDecode In other words, include a clear statement in the agreement that your art and all proceeds from the sale of that art are exempted from claims by any creditors. Payment Schedule: A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required before the Artist begins work on the commission and is due upon signing this contract. Always figure out in advance who pays how much for what, and under what conditions. endobj Q: I've been talking with a local gallery that wants to give me a show in about six to nine months. Art is often an impulse purchase and you don't want to interrupt the flow of negotiations. �{�$kv�o �� ���ЩȖ|pu�v4QVCGl�AQ)���w��$�TSuV�1c����W��BE Being paid in full within thirty days of the gallery being paid for a sale is reasonable and standard under most circumstances. I other words, how long will the gallery be representing you or your art? If yes, what percentage? 4 0 obj /ProcSet [/PDF /Text ] VI. Both parties must agree to any change to the retail price or the gallery’s commission in advance. In most cases, you and the gallery discuss, agree on and then set retail prices ahead of time. %���� With any incidental expenses like this, you don't want to be blindsided by requests from whoever's showing your art. Non-Payment; Remedies. * Will the gallery be representing all of your art or specific works or bodies of work? >> Will you have to provide the gallery with your email or mailing list? Option 1. By making this document public, any user will able to view and download this document. Now let's get down to business.... Certain basic terms, obligations, considerations, and conditions should always be discussed and agreed upon by you and a gallery before entering into any type of formal business relationship. If this Agreement is terminated by Client after Partial Completion by Artist, Artist shall retain ownership of all rights of copyright and the original artwork, including but not limited to completed artwork, sketches, and comps. Don’t rush. /Type /XObject

* How many works of art will you be required to deliver to the gallery and by what date? If yes, what? Generally the gallery is responsible for the art while it is on their premises, but you have to make sure. At the same time, a gallery needs assurances from you that they have the exclusive rights to sell certain works for certain periods of time. An artist/gallery contract, agreement, relationship or arrangement should generally include or at least consider the following factors. Will you be able to sell to pre-existing customers without having to pay a commission? Scope of Work Commissioned. If you need legal advice, contact an attorney. Artist and Client expressly agree that the artwork to be created by Artist pursuant to Client’s specifications shall be limited to, unless modified in a writing signed by both parties, the following artwork, hereafter known as “the Work”: Artist agrees that the Assets shall be of first class quality, artistically produced, with aesthetic content technically correct and of a quality equal to current standards for Assets of similar character and purpose. %PDF-1.4 Payment shall be made as follows: Additional fees will be charged for revisions that are not due to any fault on the part of the Artist made after (5) minor changes, and for revisions reflecting a new direction to the assignment, or new conceptual input. stream That leaves the gallery free to mark it up whatever amount they feel like marking it up above and beyond your price-- possibly leaving you with only a small percentage of retail. Instead, you really have to think through and evaluate each and every offer or opportunity on its own and make sure you custom-craft any documents to include all conditions unique to that situation.

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