how to loosen guitar string tension


If you are comfortable taking on the project as a DIY effort, you should look into the “truss rod rescue tool” sold by StewMac. Thanks and keep it up!

What is the average cost of a truss rod repair? At this point, we’re just trying to get an understanding of whether the neck is straight or not.”. I used some info you provided in another article and his guitar is much easier to play. Maybe not. Is there anything I can do to get more out of my truss rod? If you have a “wheel type” to adjust your truss rod you may want to watch this youtube video If the floating bridge doesn’t have enough tension and it will go below the horizontal line of the body and the strings will touch the frets which will cause the buzz.

This results in the neck being forced to bow backward. To properly adjust your truss rod, you need to use the properly sized tool. Due to varied climate and other conditions to which your PRS guitar may be exposed during its lifetime, we have made our necks fully adjustable. I’m always afraid I will feel it snap. Why is everyone obsessed with adjusting their truss rod as some type of cure-all? I think I learned a little reading this and a few other articles… enough to know I’ll leave it to my tech guy, lol. If your tuner tells you to loosen your strings more than a few turns of your tuner knobs, your strings are too tight. How can I tell what size tool I need to adjust my truss rod?

Reverb is a great place to find replacement truss rod tools at a decent price. To minimize stress on your neck, don’t turn your truss rod over a 1/4-turn in any 24-hour period. The tip to always loosen the truss rod a bit before tightening it is brilliant. To determine whether your guitar has this system simply examine the adjusting nut. You’ve made some decent points there. Double action truss rod? Added new strings and now it’s now playing perfectly.

Fender American, and most MIM’s, have the most reliable truss rods for working for many decades. After reading many of your articles I decided to tackle it myself. A dual-action, aka double-action, truss rod enables you to make neck adjustments in both directions (up or down). This article helped me to understand not just “how” but also “why” you do or do not adjust the truss rod. If you have one guitar or several, it’s worthwhile to know a few basic practical tips about how to store them properly, especially if it’s for a few months or more. FYI, in my local area (Kansas City), the cost to replace a truss rod on a Strat is around $300-350. They specifically stated, “The first step in any setup is to take a look at the neck and see what correction we may need to make. For instance, pure nickel strings (I use Pyramids) have lower string tension, or at least greater "bendability" than, for instance, D'Addario xls of the same gauge. Is there a special tool I can buy to adjust my truss rod with the neck in-place? I have a Pedulla bass that needs a truss rod adjustment but I don’t have the special tool it takes. To compensate for undesirable curvature in the neck you can adjust your neck up or down. There are many types of truss rods for acoustic and electric guitars. There are so many different tools designed for adjusting truss rods that it’s nearly impossible to have them all.”.5. I recommend carrying a truss rod adjustment tool in your case, especially if you take your guitar on air travel. What’s best for both daily and long-term storage? I bought an aluminum straightedge on eBay which helps a lot for checking the relief on my neck. Kennesaw, GA 30144 In tangible terms for guitar players, string tension is the amount of force required to fret or bend a string. As a contributor to the Premier Guitar blog, Tony Nagy commented “More than likely you’re thinking about the setup because, in some way, your instrument is not performing the way you’d like. Strings that are too tight are unreasonably hard to hold down and produce an abnormally high-pitched sound.

I took your advice and did it myself. BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING TO YOUR TRUSS ROD you need to have a reasonably good understanding of truss rods. The variances in steel composition, rod diameter, and manufacturing quality result in wide differences in the strength of any truss rod. Find a reliable guitar tech and you’ll always be far ahead. The neck usually has a bit of a delayed response. For example, not every guitar has a truss rod cover, so there’s no need for a screwdriver. Any thoughts to share on the StewMac truss rod rescue tools? Another way to loosen string tension is to tune down a half step. At the 7th or 8th fret, measure the distance between the bottom of the string and the top of the 7th fret. If nothing is happening while adjusting your truss rod, it may be a dual-action truss rod.

This helps maintain a constant temperature and is especially helpful if you live in an area that experiences climatic extremes. Should I try to put a drop of oil on my truss rod threads? Any idea where to get a truss rod wrench for a Pedulla bass? It’s all about equalisation, you see. Always stay on the side of caution when adjusting a truss rod. They don’t need regular tension when in storage, but having no string tension at all can lead to neck bowing problems.

I found this thread on adjusting the truss rod on an acoustic guitar. Ideally, it would be great for you to know how to perform basic maintenance and adjustments. May you kindly show translating Google link on this website. Check out this PDF which explains how to adjust a double-action truss rod.

Are they really that much different? Just bought Squier Strat to learn with very high action. Temperature changes do some crazy things to the neck. As a guide you can use .008″ to .015″. Turn the nut clockwise to tighten the rod."1. As you overtighten a truss rod you move toward applying more force than it can tolerate. Therefore, it seems to make sense to loosen the strings when we’re not using that instrument for a while. I put some penetrating oil in the pocket and left if standing up for a couple of days. Can you explain to me how a PRS truss rod works? Do not over-adjust! Also has a link to factory specs at this link PRS Website. I checked on the web for additional information about the issue and found most

I think this is one of the best articles on the subject.

Compare the pitch of your guitar note with the piano note. Thank you! Don’t laugh this off. Thanks! I understand the truss rod thing much better now. When the truss rod is at the bottom of the neck do you turn it the same way to add or decrease relief?

These rods are designed to be tightened, thereby increasing pressure on the back of the neck. I tightened my truss rod to the point it won’t turn but I feel the long wrench twisting. Is there any way to adjust the neck on this thing? Is there a good source to buy cheap truss rod tools? The website describes it in this manner, "This straightens an up-bowed neck, pulling the peghead away from the tension of the strings. Single-action truss rods are the most common truss rod in commercially manufactured instruments. For this article we’re going to disucss the two most common types of truss rods used for electric guitars and bass guitars. The double-acting truss rod achieves twice the amount of adjustment as the single-acting rod with the same amount of movement of the adjusting nut. It does not always fit well and can lead you to damage the truss rod cover screw heads. Artisan Luthiers © 2019. Tight strings also tend to snap and break more often. 1 - Store your guitars in their cases, standing up — not lying down with one case on top of another.

If there is a back bow or you’re experiencing buzzing frets, it means you need to loosen the truss rod. Allan Hu has been writing since 2001 for several popular, self-owned websites like and It seems a bit ridiculous to me. I urge people to understand the purpose for adjusting a truss rod – don’t do it “just because” you think you need to do so. I have an acoustic guitar if that matters. When changing string gauge, especially when going heavier, the string tension may be significant enough to require adjustment to the setup of your guitar. The purpose of this is generally to counteract the tension of the strings to straighten the neck. “If you can’t correct the problem in a few full turns, stop. ← How to Prevent Guitar Humidity and Temperature Problems, adjusting the truss rod on an acoustic guitar, replacement truss rods and truss rod nuts,, Small scewdriver (if you need to remove a truss rod cover), Adjustment Wrench that fits your guitar’s truss rod nut, String height gauge with 1/32″ and 1/64″ markings, Electronic tuner (clamp on or rack mounted digital tuner). Good job presenting the information on this topic.

It seems like that frees it up and makes it easier to turn. If you are using a guitar tuner, look at what your tuner's display reads. I put all hex wrenches for my truss rod and saddles, plus a small screwdriver in a ziplock to keep it all together. I have an old acoustic guitar without a truss rod. Thanks! The manufacturing tolerances in China really suck. Get out a guitar tuner and turn it on, or locate a piano. // Leaf Group Lifestyle. Thanks, guys! Truss rod adjustment is still confusing to me. Experimenting with string metals and gauges often unleashes creativity. I snapped off my truss rod nut when trying to make what I thought was a routine adjustment. I’m struggling with adjusting my new PRS. This is an easy thing to do. Good article that covers the basics in decent detail. If you have a broken truss rod should you replace it or buy a new neck? How is String Tension Calculated? Well written, and easy to understand article. Continue to make adjustments and you will eventually see changes in the neck. What happens if you overtighten a truss rod? This is the first time iv re-strung it seeing i only got it 2 weeks ago.

I usually make incremental adjustments, wait a day to re-measure and keep going until I get it right. Your article helped me to understand how to change my truss rod tension to adjust my string height. Depending on what brand/material strings you're using now, you can get lower tension from either lighter gauge, or different materials. If your frets buzz above the 1st fret but nowhere else, add some slight relief by loosening the truss rod. This is how you tell if your strings are too tight. I read the article but I’m still not feeling it. This has always been confusing for me.

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