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Privacy Policy . Its flagship product, Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Cocktail, debuted in 1930 and is available year-round. Claudia has a PhD in Physical Activity, Nutrition and Wellness and is a Registered Dietitian. A major consumer brand in U.S. supermarkets, Ocean Spray specializes in cranberry-based juices, snacks, sauces, cereals and fresh produce. If you wish to continue, click okay. Were you interested in drinking cranberry juice to prevent urinary tract infections? It should not be Moreover, we do not select every advertiser or advertisement that appears on the web site-many of the Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Cocktail contains just four ingredients. The information contained on this site is for informational purposes only, and should not be used as a substitute for the advice of a professional health care provider. Please enter your information below to join the Cranberry Club.

Don’t drink any type of cranberry juice if you take the blood-thinning medication warfarin due to the risk of bleeding. Probiotics, or beneficial bacteria, have been hailed as the ultimate support for the immune and digestive systems, however, probiotics would not be effective without prebiotics. By using our website, you agree to our privacy policy. An 8-oz. Filtered water is the first and most plentiful ingredient listed on the product label, followed by cranberry juice concentrate -- the two combine to form the juice. Thank you, instructions to reset your password has been sent to your email. and Cranberry Himbeere Fruchtsaftgetränk. Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Cocktail with Calcium provides additional calcium per 8-oz. Did you notice that Ocean Spray's product isn't 100 percent cranberry juice — but instead "100% juice" cranberry? Cranberries aren't only delicious—they're also packed with surprising one-of-a-kind health benefits. Join now and start contributing and following all things cranberry! // Leaf Group Lifestyle, Ingredients & Nutrition Facts for Trolli Sour Gummy Worms, MayoClinic.com: Urinary Tract Infections: Alternative Medicine, MayoClinic.com: Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid). Our team periodically reviews articles in order to ensure content quality. Find cranberry juices, recipes, and more information about cranberry health and our farmers. Some benefits are: 1. full of vitamin C. 2. kidney problems. Small, but mighty, this Superfruit promotes many unique health benefits from the inside out. Cranberries are one of Mother Nature’s Superfruits! But there are a couple of catches here. According to MayoClinic.com, cranberry juice seems to reduce the risk of urinary tract infections in women 1. However, you can include it sparingly as part of a balanced diet to lose weight. However, cranberries are bursting with more beneficial polyphenol antioxidants than other commonly consumed fruits. The healthfulness of the cranberry begins at the farm. While it's true that Ocean Spray 100% Juice Cranberry has no added sugar, even the manufacturer admits that it's not a low-calorie food. Claudia is an expert at intuitive eating, nutrition science, and removing diets from your life. used as a substitute for professional medical advice, If you’re still not sure what they mean, the main idea is that prebiotics and probiotics can be used to keep the good gut bacteria balanced. That's just 1 cup or a small glass, so it's easy to consume more than one serving at a time without realizing it. Here, at Ocean Spray, we have more than 700 cranberry farmers pouring their hearts into growing the fruit every day. Email address is not in a correct format. Research suggests that there are multiple, powerful elements found within cranberries that are linked to a variety of health benefits. Or consider using other strategies to get your cranberry fix: You can dilute the juice mix with sparkling water to enjoy its vibrant flavor with fewer calories, and you can add cranberries to cereal and oatmeal, or use them to bring your smoothies to life with a vibrant tang. Diet Cranberry Juice Drink, on the other hand, subtracts the sugar content from the original formula and contains only 5 calories per 8-oz. glass boasts 109 calories, with its 28g of carbohydrates coming mainly from sugars—almost 18g per 8-oz. Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice has 56 Calories and 0.29 g of Protein per 100 gram serving according to the nutrition facts provided by the USDA Food Composition Database. Although we strive to deliver accurate and up-to-date information, no guarantee to that effect is made. According to the USDA, a cup of whole cranberries contains 3.6 grams of fiber and just 46 calories, compared to 100 calories per cup of Ocean Spray cranberry juice. In recent years, you've likely heard the terms "prebiotics" and "probiotics" countless times. 2020 Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Cocktail is cholesterol- and fat-free, and contains very low sodium.

The cranberry is also naturally low in sugar and packed with antioxidant polyphenols. Prebiotics are food ingredients that fuel the probiotics you consume and good bacteria in your gut. diagnosis or treatment. Filtered water is the first and most plentiful ingredient listed on the product label, followed by cranberry juice concentrate -- the two combine to form the juice. Here, at Ocean Spray, we have more than 700 cranberry farmers pouring their hearts into growing the fruit every day. serving. Cranberry is a rich source of polyphenols with antioxidant activity. Ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, is the fourth and last ingredient. Copyright © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd., all rights reserved. It has 50 calories and 10 grams of sugar per 8-ounce serving. Second, although consuming lots of colorful fruits and vegetables is part of the Department of Health and Human Services key recommendations for healthy eating, it's better to eat the entire fruit when you can, as opposed to drinking fruit juice. What Are the Benefits of Pure Cranberry Juice? You must agree to our terms & conditions. Though more research is needed into its beneficial properties, drinking cranberry juice may fight off infections in women prone to UTIs. Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Cocktail is cholesterol- and fat-free, and contains very low sodium. Ocean Spray has adopted a Total Rewards approach which integrates our compensation and benefits plan under one cohesive strategy

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The Diet Cranberry Juice Drink has just 5 calories and 1 gram of sugar per 8-ounce serving, because it's sweetened only with sucralose and acesulfame potassium. Does that mean you can't have this juice at all while on a diet? serving. However, cranberries are not always on the list of antioxidant-rich berries most people can name. Cranberries are high in ascorbic acid, or vitamin C. One 8-oz. Some research has found that cranberry juice may prevent infections, delay or reduce the severity of chronic disease, and prevent age-related oxidative …

Read more: What Are the Benefits of Pure Cranberry Juice? Terms of Use But they also mean that, although Ocean Spray's 100% Juice Cranberry contains no added sugar, it still has 23 grams of sugar and 100 calories per 8-ounce serving.

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