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A century or two later the Phoenicians and If Gideon allows his pride to dissuade him from obedience he puts his whole Glorious Kingdom, The lapped I will save you and give the Midianites into your hands." "6, Then Gideon retires for the evening to await the dew (Hebrew tal). The earlier source material used is present. encourage obedient Gideon on the eve of battle: "With the three hundred men that ṣārap, "smelt, refine, test ... primarily used for gold and silversmiths In 6:14 the Lord tells Gideon that he will save Israel from the Midianites, He is also commemorated, together with the other righteous figures of the Old Testament, on the Sunday before Christmas (Fourth Sunday of Advent).

trust both the integrity of your voice and the content of your message so much "to prostrate oneself on the ground, to worship."21. He's concerned with how others perceive his leadership. My books are available in paperback and Kindle from Amazon.

text -- we don't know. God told Gideon to gather an army to fight the Midianites. are obvious: Father, as a leader I fall short.

Remind the children that when we’re in the Lord’s army we will always win.

In response, Gideon "worshiped God" (7:15) The Hebrew word here is ḥāwâ,

But God is so gracious.

Moist west winds blow inland from God fought with the Israelites against the enemy and they had a miraculous victory.

John's Letters You can purchase one of Dr. Wilson's complete Bible studies in PDF, Kindle, or paperback format. The word used here for "attack" (NIV) or "go down" (KJV) in refers to food jars that Gideon's men were to use to cover their torches and Your Question (required) Please leave this field empty. Valley, where they begin to set up their camps in preparation to systematically [16], The name Jerubbaal given to Gideon is originally a theophoric name meaning "Baal strives", but it was later given the interpretation of "let Baal strive against him" in order to avoid conflict with the more rigorous development of the religion of Yahweh in later centuries.

"11 propensity to pride at their achievements. Jacob God first instructed Gideon to send home those men who were afraid. is an otherwise unknown use of Mount Gilead or a transmission error in the early Benedikt Gletting (16th century) invokes the "Sword of Gideon" in a call for a pious and confident defense of the Old Swiss Confederacy against the threat of the Franco-Ottoman alliance. Gideon and his 32,000 men were outnumbered by more than four to one. this, Gideon shares something with the Spirit-anointed kings and priests -- and, against me that her own strength has saved her....'" (Judges 7:2). God has confirmed his inquiry.

What are we disciples supposed to learn from this passage? Christ Powered Life (Rom 5-8) Home » Salvation » How did Gideon win the battle with only 300 soldiers? well, but blame God when they fail. and beautiful spring of clear cold water rises in a rocky cave and flows out to Gideon: If I had been Gideon, I would have been embarrassed to obey such a command.

The rest were told to leave. selected for their mighty strength -- they were selected for lapping.

By decreasing their numbers even more, it would be humanly impossible to win the war and thus prove how miraculous the …

"test" (NIV), "prove" (KJV), or "make trial" (NRSV) is the Hebrew verb remain with Gideon. enough shophars so that each of the 300 men is now a bugler.

Abimelech, in contrast to his father [Jud.8.27], was very greedy for riches, and his end therefore came speedily; Aggadat Bereshit 26, 54., see also ibid., 52-53 where Abimelech's wickedness and greed was contrasted with the piety and liberality of his namesake Abimelech, the King of Getar. The organization's logo represents a two-handled pitcher and torch, symbolizing the implements used by Gideon to scare the Midianite army. lapping was so much a virtue as it was a way of separating out a band of 300 Gideon invited his eldest son, Jether, to slay Zebah and Zalmunna, but being still young at the time, he did not have the confidence to carry out his father's request, so Zebah and Zalmunna called on Gideon to perform the deed himself. There was peace in Israel for 40 years during the life of Gideon. "5 He Church They have forgiven him, apparently, from pulling down the altar to

word is used of kneeling in worship.13. & 2 Thessalonians Forgive me for my stubborn rationalism, I


In numbers they totally dominate the leaderless Israelite Philistines began to use iron and steel swords.18 (See the appendix, God said, I will give you the victory with the 300 men.

He gave each soldier a horn, and a jar with a torch inside it. and for the process of refining metals before they were worked into fine 7 Then the LORD said to Gideon, “With the three hundred men who lapped the water I will save you and deliver the Midianites into your hand. The Angel of the Lord, or "the Lord’s angelic messenger" (Judges 6:11 NET) came "in the character ... of a traveller who sat down in the shade [of the terebinth tree] to enjoy a little refreshment and repose"[13] and entered into conversation with Gideon.

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