report writing example for students


People were in hurry to reach their destination but not even one traffic police officer could be seen in the vicinity. After that, the coordinators of the occasion, who were also professors of the University, provided the participants with appropriate instructions, concerning the performance of activities.

He guided with his inspirational words and inspired to do better .

There was a colourful welcome followed by lighting of the lamp. This event was dedicated to arranging various interesting, entertaining, and interactive activities for physically disabled children and teaching students to communicate and interact with them.

It was around 5 pm in the evening and the office goers, the school buses of various schools and traders along with many others were returning from the busy route. Everyone sat glued to the show. there was singing, dancing, poetry recitation, skits, mimicry, mono act shows, classical and modern combination of several foot tapping numbers. Consequently, we arranged and performed the comic play from their favorite cartoon “The Jungle Book”. Сhildren were divided into the groups of four people and students, who participated in the event, were appointed to be their mentors.

Specifically, example of report writing for students involves the introductory information about the event, including its type, date, objective, and location. They reached at the place where the halt had begun. It was accompanied by a melodious Saraswati Vandana , hailing the goddess of knowledge and wisdom. There was a big variety of interesting activities that group mentors had to perform with their groups of toddlers. It was a truly mesmerizing show as the teams from various schools presented many programmes . Specifically, example of report writing for students involves the introductory information about the event, including its type, date, objective, and location. This occasion took place in the courtyard of the main building of the University on Monday, May 16, 2016. The occasion has begun with an opening speech of the university chancellor. The objective of this type of academic work is to examine students’ involvement in the occasion and discover their findings from it. Q2. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. A badly wounded person was seen unconscious in  damaged car.

Write a Report for the newspaper describing a traffic jam in which you, along with many, were trapped for many hours. Consequently, I can strongly assert that I would definitely participate in such events in the future. But finally the injured person was taken in the ambulance, the damaged car was picked by the police and the traffic moved.

Situation was understood and immediately an ambulance was called by onlookers. The team from our school bagged second position and everyone complimented one another. In this mega event, many schools from our city took part. It was a great pleasure for me to take part in this volunteer occasion, entertaining children with special needs.

Q1. I consider this event was also quite important to toddlers as they forgot about their healthy problems for a while, getting involved into exciting activities. Our performance excited the audience and it caused rough applause.

© 2009 — 2020 , It also represents consistent, well-organized, and significant information about the course of the event that is reported in this paper. However, the young participants preferred another song called “Old Mackdonald’s Farm”. Fuming , everyone was vexed to know the cause of that traffic jam. Second would be to develop good relationships in your work due to the effective information and communication that has been transmitted by the report example. For example, use … Soon anger erupted among many. The second activity “Singer” also was quite interesting and exciting as every group has to prepare and perform the song.

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