8a certification requirements


To become 8a certified, eligibility is based on what information you put in the application, the company in its SBA 8a certification application must meet the business development certification requirements below. Avoiding the Pathway on Government Contract Fraud Cases and Federal Procurement Fraud – Do You Have the Right Defense Lawyer? The business should display the capability for success and have a good character.

The second, and most deadly, is whether your company is are owned and controlled at least 51% by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals. The SBA will review company documents extensively, including review of a company’s Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws (for corporations) and Articles of Organization and Operating Agreements (for LLCs) to assess a variety of issues. However, as an applicant you still have to look under every rock to see if there are concerns that the SBA may have. GET A FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. Corporate documents must conclusively show that the eligible applicant(s) make the final business decisions.

All individuals upon whom eligibility is based must be U.S. citizens. The Government 8a Program is a nine-year program that allows certain qualified companies to have access to what is considered the fast-track to small business federal contract dollars. It is helpful as it allows summarizing the requirements and checking the list in a go. You must be the unconditional majority business owner.

To be approved for and maintain eligibility in the SBA 8A program, disadvantaged individuals must prove they own at least 51% of the firm.

Does the ownership percentage information of the prospective 8(a) company correspond with the ownership percentages on the SBA 8(a) Form 1010 as well as the stock register/ledger, partnership agreement or operating agreement? We’re an invoice factoring company that provides invoice financing services in truck factoring as well as freight factoring or small business factoring. Contracts with third parties that appear to give them control over the company can disqualify you. This website contains links to other third-party websites. The Center for Disease Control (CDC)  has issued guidance about the pandemic.

SBA certification carries tremendous statutory power. 2. Our 8a certification consultants ensure that you carefully go through the entire SBA 8a certification application process in order to avoid any false representation in your narrative statement of economic disadvantage. 8(a) certification or for assisting the 8(a) firm in obtaining 8(a) contracts, or any other assistance to support program participation, must be reasonable in light of the service(s) performed by the agent or representative. The income and assets of the applicant’s spouse may also be considered. Let’s read the requirements for the 8(A) program.

The small business must have the potential to be successful. Such links are only for the convenience of the reader, user or browser; the ABA and its members do not recommend or endorse the contents of the third-party sites. Why? Is your adjusted gross income, including income from all sources, averaged over the three years preceding submission of the 8(a) application, under $250,000? They include: 1. We Help Small Businesses in ALL States. The full-time managers must meet the SBA requirement for disadvantage, by proving both. BDPE-525 (July 23, 2014); Platinum Business Services, LLC, SBA No. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In addition, payroll funding and government contract financing are important areas of service. As well, many companies do not know that tax debts are subtracted from the net worth of an applicant (of which there is a maximum net worth allowed for entrance into the SBA Small Business 8a Program). GET A FREE COPY OF YOUR SBA CERTIFICATION CHECKLIST. Companies can qualify through social disadvantage eligibility, economic disadvantage eligibility, ownership eligibility, control eligibility and size eligibility. The problem with applicants seek to get their 8a status is that they are not familiar with the depth of information and supporting evidence for your allegations. Considering 8(a) certification? Make Sure That When You Apply,  the SBA does Not Have a Reason to Make Criminal Allegations for False Representation. 8a certification is available to businesses that are owned and controlled by socially disadvantaged individuals. [...], What is a Force Majeure Clause in Government Contracts? Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

The owner of the business must have the ownership rights of at least or more than 51% of the business. Does the federal government purchase the goods and/or services provided by your company? As a result of this mentoring partnership, your small business can be more competitive and more successful while boosting our nation’s economic engine. See 13 CFR Part 124.103(c)(1). Also, find out more about SBA joint ventures and the three-in-two (3 in 2) rule. Getting access to millions of dollars for a federal government contract means knowing how the game is played. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website.

Articles/Operating Agreement or Articles/Bylaws Wouldn’t it be helpful to have someone to show you the ropes to achieve success in your own right? Did you know that SBA reviews and requires more than the commonly stated requirements found in internet searches? But, as SBA rejects/denies more than 70% of the application, the help of the consultants are very crucial for the application process. That proof must show a disadvantaged individual is the company’s highest officer, makes long-term decisions, controls the board, is in charge of the day-to-day operation of the business and is the highest paid person at the firm. Get Help Today. Not in Control of Your SDVOSB Business? Learn how to minimize the Small Business Administration SBA objections to your 8a application and avoid wasting valuable time and resources learning the requirements through trial and error. Does Force Majeure Clauses Apply to Federal Government Contracts COVID 19, Basics of Small Business SDVOSB Fraud in Government Contracts, How Do Federal Government Contractors Deal With COVID-19 Problems, OMB M-20-18 Guidance and Successful Contract Performance in the Shadow of the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic, Avoid the Government’s Defense of Anticipatory Repudiation in Government Contracts, Does the SBA Mentor Protégé Approval Stand No Matter What?

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