box joint jig


The RTJ400’s base will accept workpieces up to 16″ wide, so while this jig doesn’t accommodate unlimited workpiece width, it will tackle anything from small boxes and drawers up to moderately sized carcasses. The strength of Rockler’s design here is simplicity: if you’ve never cut box joints before, its four-page manual won’t intimidate. IMPORTANT: The key height should be less than the thickness of the wood you'll be box jointing. The simplicity of this design and its ability to cut a wide range of slot sizes makes this jig attractive. I found a piece of 1/4" wood from which I ripped a strip to act as a runner in the track already in the table. Rockler’s Box Joint Jig has a 1/2″-thick MDF base that’s positioned over the router bit on a router table, then locked in place using two 3/8″ x 3/4″ metal miter slot bars and star knobs. A box joint jig is not a new idea. That flexibility can help you produce a balanced joint pattern on a wide variety of workpiece widths. Compatible With: Router table

The simple one I show here took a few hours on and off while doing other things around the house. Upgrade your table saw’s cutting quality and safety with a zero-clearance throatplate. This model is one of the simplest to use box joint jigs. Street Price: $119.99 But, you’ll need a router table to use this jig.

I was very pleased with the result. Any “slop” here can lead to cumulative error in the joint’s pattern, which will impede its fit.

This jig’s clamp-on design makes it ideally suited for cutting box joints on large chest panels, because there’s no limit to how wide a panel can be. Fasten a sacrificial fence facing to the sled to improve support further and to provide wider handholds. The other is used to basically eliminate any space and will allow the router bit to cut a hole in the end of a board. What I eventually did was to carefully test scraps until I had an accurate starting point and made a mark on my jig. The new Incra IBOX box and finger joint jig. I removed the fence from the router table. But rest assured — they all work well for the job. Compatible With: Table saw, router table And, if you should happen to misplace the manual, the jig’s design is intuitive enough that you probably won’t need the instructions anyway. Now to test the jig. Compatible With: Router table A clearly illustrated spiral-bound manual, and an instructional DVD, provide excellent help. Let me know if this helps. Make sure this fence is square to the base. Find out which saw is our “Best Bet” winner.

I glued the base to the runner, making sure the base was square with the table. Regardless, it’s very important that the miter gauge’s bar slides in your table saw or router table’s miter slot without side-to-side play. But if you follow along step-by-step, you’ll be up and running quickly. Joint Sizes: 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ Yes, I'm brillig, and my slithy toves still gyre and gimble in the wabe. Reply "This is going to be a BOX J… Once a well-made box joint is glued up, you’ll be hard-pressed to break it. Made of angled aluminum and piggybacking one another, one pin registers one edge of a slot cut, and the other pin can be moved and set to index the other edge of the same slot cut — whatever width it happens to be. This tutorial video shows a simple method on making a jig out of plywood for a hand held router that attaches to the base. Two black phenolic plates serve as a router base, but their spacing also sets the cutting width for the guide collar and bit.

But, keep these reference materials close at hand when using the jig — setting it up isn’t intuitive. There should be absolutely no side to side movement or wiggle in this strip.

In fig. Leigh includes a 3/8″ straight bit with the standard kit, so you can cut either 3/8″ or 3/4″ box joint patterns, plus many sizes of through and half-blind dovetails with other included bits. Then I removed the spacer and staggered and aligned the two notches on and up to the fixed key.

If you want to build sizeable projects, like hope chests or decorative carcasses, here’s a good pick. Not many. It's all about the base, no wobble. What makes this jig truly unique is its handle and fence system. This is going to be a BOX JOINT aka FINGER JOINT jig. You'll notice I only have one runner where as most I saw have two. Here’s how it works: a red knurled knob on the end of the jig’s aluminum fence does two operations: it opens or closes a pair of steel pins that fit inside slots of the joint as they are cut, PLUS it simultaneously moves this pin assembly the correct distance away from the cutter.

Street Price: $359

The template’s 6″ x 27″ footprint, combined with sturdy handles on both ends of the fence, also inspires confidence when machining even long or heavy workpieces. This jig also offers excellent guarding, with thick MDF blocks on the infeed and outfeed sides, plus a long clear guard plate shielding the user from flying debris or contact with the cutter. Much of the trial-and-error process involved with setting up other similar templated jigs is eliminated with this design, and that’s a huge help! The keys on top of the jig slide easily along the t-track and lock down with socket screws.The keys are sized to match the fingers of the joint, ensuring a perfect fit. Easy.

Or, spread to their maximum distance, you can cut up to 13/16″-wide box joint patterns. The tool dimensions are quite small, 10-3/4" x 12-3/8" x 1/2", and the weight is about 3,35 lbs. 18. All Rights Reserved, This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

It’s also easy to space the slot cuts accurately, by loosening two T-knobs that mount the fence unit to the miter gauge, then sliding the whole assembly left or right as needed.

on Introduction.

The next best method is at the router table but not everyone has the space for a dedicated router table. I glued and screwed it to the front of the base. Did you make this project? The jig’s construction is stout: a 12″ aluminum slotted track serves as its spine and the connection point for a pair of included workpiece clamps, melamine-coated sacrificial boards, top supports and the adjustable stops.

It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, either.

80 ($0.34/oz) Given the 3″ x 6″ size of the backer sled’s vertical fence, this jig is best suited for making small boxes or drawers with sides not much wider than around 8″. Web / Phone: / 800-663-8932. Another brilliant Leigh innovation is the “eBush” guide collar, required for use with the jig.

Compatible With: Table saw, router table Plus, the 4556 will cut the largest box joint patterns of any jig here, up to 1-9/16″.

Web / Phone: / 888-804-6272. Street Price: $84.99 Joint Sizes: 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ Compatible With: Router table Web / Phone: / 800-279-4441. Who would pay $359 to only cut box joints?

TIP: If your clamps ever lose one of the rubber cushions just use one of those thingies you put on the bottom of a chair to protect the floor.

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