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According to researchers, virgin coconut oil, prepared without chemical or high-heat treatment, exhibits an inhibitory effect on chronic inflammation. Known as “The Tree of Life” in The Philippines and “The tree of a 1,000 uses” in the Malaya language, coconuts have a history of important uses worldwide. I do love the meat, and the husks are quite useful for bird feeders. Coconut is a healthy nut that can be used safely as a food. Ed. Bill De Giulio from Massachusetts on March 11, 2013: Hi Suzie. It is one of the most wonderful gifts from nature and the best form of activated carbon that has loads of benefits. Blacksmiths and goldsmiths also prefer this charcoal due to its benefits. High cholesterol. Attempting to list every single use would be impossible however I can give you a taste of just how amazing and functional coconut is. The freshly harvested coconut contains sweet water which is extremely beneficial for health. Appreciated your votes and shares greatly!

[ Read: How To Use Coconut Milk For Hair Growth ]. Many thanks for you input and comments, have a great day!

Improves skin tone, elasticity, and age spots. Whilst there are two types of milk (thick and thin milk) available, most countries who import coconut milk get it in a can and remain unaware of the two different types. The saturated fats in coconut raise the good cholesterol in the body and control the LDL to a benign subtype. It won't burn your eyes or your skin and protects it from the sun and skin-cracking wind. All Rights Reserved. I don't particularly like the taste of coconuts but I am happy to learn.

100 grams of coconut kernels contain around 350 calories. It has no additives and it is made only from one ingredient which is the matured coconut shell.

It has antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties. Coconut oil can also be used to clean the face by rubbing it in circular motions. This allows proper breathing of the skin and promotes healthy and flawless complexion. Please note I did not have one silly word in this comment. Love the birdhouse idea.

Coconut husk are also used as a bio fuel and this also a source of charcoal too.Coconut husks are also used to produce various house hold product such as carpets and other accessories which necessary to home. Copra cake or copra meal is made as livestock feed. Coconut shell charcoal is used abundantly as a domestic and industrial fuel. Suzanne Ridgeway (author) from Dublin, Ireland on April 27, 2013: Coconuts are so useful and coconut oil is one of the best ever oils for health and skin care. So glad you enjoyed this and thanks so much for the votes, shares and pins! Mix fullers earth with coconut water and apply it all over the skin.

Michavila Gomez A, Amat Bou M, Gonzalez Cortés MV, Segura Navas L, Moreno Palanques MA, Bartolomé B. Coconut anaphylaxis: Case report and review. Thanks so much for commenting and hope you get to plant a big smoocher on a coconut soon! Macfarlane BJ, Bezwoda WR, Bothwell TH, et al. It assists in relieving stress on the pancreas and enzyme systems which reduces the risk of developing diabetes. You must miss the coconuts in abundance and how cool to have them in your garden! Int Arch Allergy Immunol 1994;103(2):194-201. Uses. It also burns hotter than a regular briquette and therefore it is energy saving and efficient.

It holds a predominant significance in the agricultural economy of India. I really love the tree and request not to cut the coconut cultivations.

Wounds - Many antiseptic chemicals that help heal wounds often burn the skin.

Not just the water, its oil is also classified as a super food. Coconut is a fruit which belongs to the Cocos nucifera palm.

Our cells need adequate amount of oxygen which can only be made possible by proper circulation in the body that carries oxygen.

It can be eaten as food or used as medicine. An average 400 grams of coconut flesh provides almost all the vitamins and minerals required by the body for a day. I always smile when I see your avatar, it is so funky! Thank you for this hub Suzie.

This shell is naturally created to protect the inner part of coconut. Your scrub is ready to use.

Copyright © 2011 - 2020 Incnut Digital. It is usually taken in the morning and on an empty stomach. View abstract. For professional medical information on natural medicines, see Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database Professional Version.© Therapeutic Research Faculty .

Each part of a coconut has its own specific uses. Coconut water can also help to reverse tanning.

It also promotes healthy thyroid function and helps to relieve the symptom of chronic fatigue. Uses of The Coconut Tree. Appreciate your votes of confidence!! It is used in a variety of ways from seafood dishes in Brazil to being used in baking instead of animal fat. Systemic allergic reaction to coconut (Cocos nucifera) in 2 subjects with hypersensitivity to tree nut and demonstration of cross-reactivity to legumin-like seed storage proteins: new coconut and walnut food allergens. Research is ongoing, but using coconut oil may help treat dry skin and reduce inflammation.

What factors influenced or will influence your purchase? The coconut is of significant economic importance to these top producers. Rose Clearfield from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on March 12, 2013: I love coconut and really need to start exploring more uses for it, especially with cooking.

Voted up! Its unique combination of fatty acids can have profound effects on your health. .many thanks but always look forward to your banter in homemade recipes . Coconuts are expensive here around €2 each so do not buy often, only when on an offer.

Never delay or disregard seeking professional medical advice from your doctor or other qualified health care provider because of something you have read on WebMD. View abstract.

Quiz: What Do You Know About Vitamin B12 Deficiency? © 2005 - 2019 WebMD LLC. Angel Guzman from Joliet, Illinois on July 02, 2017: W.R.D.M.Wickramarathna. Reduces fine lines, puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

Helps stabilize female hormones and prevents hot flushes and vaginal dryness during menopause. Good quality coconut shell powder is obtained by using matured coconut shells and appropriate machinery. U.S. Food and Drug Administration Department of Health and Human Services. People involved in easy workouts and other strenuous activities should include as much coconut water as they can in their diet. Hope you liked this article highlighting the various coconut nutritional benefits. Rub it gently on the face for 2 minutes and then wash off.

Information from this source is evidence-based and objective, and without commercial influence. Keep in mind that natural products are not always necessarily safe and dosages can be important. This information is meant to supplement, not replace advice from your doctor or healthcare provider and is not meant to cover all possible uses, precautions, interactions or adverse effects. (check all that apply), What factors are most important to you?

Karmakar PR, Das A, Chatterjee BP. Well done!

It is commonly used in cooking, replaces other fatty ingredients such as butter, and it has many other applications too. Cholesterol, coconuts, and diet on Polynesian atolls: a natural experiment: the Pukapuka and Tokelau island studies. Coconut oil, if used on skin prevents dryness and flakiness and keeps it moisturised and supple. It is also a good source of folates, niacin, thiamine and pyridoxine. I love to write articles which would simplify people's life.I go crazy when it rains and find fun in getting drenced.

Eases acid reflux and gives relief in gallbladder disease. Underneath the hard shell is the white edible meat. Coconut is the fruit of the coconut palm (Cocos nucifera).It’s used for its water, milk, oil, and tasty meat. Great article, helped me with my project. Suzanne Ridgeway (author) from Dublin, Ireland on March 13, 2013: Lovely to hear you liked the bird feeder, me too!

having a refreshing coconut water is as easy as buying a coconut fresh from a local seller and sticking a straw in it. 7 Disadvantages Of Coconut Water You Should Be Aware Of, 20 Radical Styling Ideas For Your Red Ombre Hair, 10 Best Neem Soap Brands to Look Out for in 2020, 50 Amazing Workout Hairstyles You Can Try, 10 Amazing Health Benefits & Uses Of Tomato Soup, CAUGHT! Rich in vitamins A and B group (particularly B5), phosphorus, iron, magnesium, zinc and potassium.

These fatty acids are absorbed differently by the body. It is usually taken in the morning and on an empty stomach.The meat is also best to use as an ingredient when making fruit salad.Raw coconut is good for our health because it is loaded with nutrients such as copper, selenium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and zinc.The coconut milk is also used when cooking ginata-ang monggo with chopped jackfruit and even used when cooking kakanin like "suman" and many others.One can also make oil out of the coconut.The coconut tree is also cut into lumber which can be used to build common houses and can be used as braces for the ceiling, among others.The coconut leaves are also used to cover makeshift cottages which are usually seen in town fiestas in the rural areas.A lot of people like to consume coconut because of its many benefits. Eating coconuts regularly supports the development of healthy bones and teeth. Deserts and confectionery are particularly favorable with the coconuts sweet taste. Coconut milk is used regularly, nearly as a staple ingredient in Southeast Asia and forms the base of curries. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of coconut protect the scalp from dandruff, lice and itchy scalp which often slows down the hair growth.

It is obtained by burning the coconut shells with limited air for carbonisation. The oil from the coconut soothes the wound, rash or burn and kills bacteria that could potentially cause infection. CARD Natural COCONUT Good And read related results others side. We have coconut trees in our yard, will have to use some to make those attractive drinks someday. The dried copra at the end is used as cattle fodder. It lights up faster and the temperature can be adjusted easily as per the requirements. Delicious, healthy coconut milk recipes that are perfect for using up a can of coconut milk! WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

All rights reserved.

They go straight to the liver from the digestive tract and are further turned into ketone bodies. livingsta from United Kingdom on March 13, 2013: Wow, when I looked at the first picture of the bird feeder, I said, "Wow this is pretty" We used to have many coconut trees back at home in India! A real wonder of nature. This can have therapeutic effects on brain disorders like epilepsy and Alzheimer’s.

Coconut shell, a once discarded outer hard cover of a coconut is now a product of great demand. Here is a selection of the many uses of this exotic fruit tree which I have divided into parts of the Tree and then the fruit. [ Read: Benefits Of Coconut Water For Skin, Hair And Health ]. Earlier coconuts were demonized as UN healthy foods and every dieter was asked to stay off them.

It has uniform quality and good resistance to water and fungal attacks. It is the only main ingredient that is used to produce activated carbon.

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