food lion water ph


The water is purified through distillation, and it also contains electrolytes such as calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, and potassium bicarbonate. Zephyrhills is sourced from springs in Florida.

TEN Adds Grocery Chains Throughout the East Coast and Southwest to Roster of Vendors. It is purified after it is obtained using a 7-step process. The pH of Deer Park water was measured at approximately 7.5. Nestle Pure Life water is bottled from a municipal source and goes through a multi-step process of filtration that involves reverse osmosis and/or distillation. Price.

May We Suggest. 433 Plaza Real, Suite 275  |  Boca Raton, FL 33432, 3338 Peachtree Road, Suite 3006  |  Atlanta, GA 30326, High pH alkaline/electrolyte water sourced from America's purest springs. Food Lion Drinking Water, Purified, Bottle Purified by Reverse Osmosis.

TEN Water offers the highest pH water available at 10pH. Arrowhead is sourced from multiple springs around the United States, so the pH could vary. Pure Life was measured in our test at 7.3 pH. Order your groceries online for pickup or delivery. Foam Cups. Deer Park obtains its water from natural springs and filters its water thoroughly, attempting to make the water as pure as possible without additives. The water is bottled from a municipal water supply in Norway. *The pH tests performed were recorded manually and tested with the same electronic testing device, and they are not necessarily conclusive. Aha Sparkling Water, Citrus + Green Tea Flavored Water, With Caffeine & Electrolytes, Zero Calories, Sodium Free, No Sweeteners. Voss water boasts an extremely low TDS (total dissolved solids). Price. Description. It registered in our test at 6.9 on the pH scale, which is just below neutral. TEN Water is available in half-liter bottles, 1 liter bottles, 1.5 liter bottles, 1 gallon jugs and half-liter six packs at supermarkets and specialty markets throughout the United States and the Caribbean, and online at and It is then filtered but not so much that it removes the natural mineral additives. The pH of this water was measured in our test at approximately 5.6. Rich with electrolytes, TEN is bottled at the source from pure, natural springs, unlike many bottled waters that are sourced from municipal sources.

“As we look towards the future, we are excited to continue expanding into new markets and to continue offering our premium alkaline water to customers around the globe.”. The water is enhanced with an original patented pH/electrolyte formula and bottled in BPA-free bottles, which are packaged in multiple configurations: 500 ml, 1 liter, 1.5 liter and 1 gallon jug.

Add to Cart . $1.95 / ea. Eternal Water is sourced from springs and has moderate pH levels, which means the pH is in a range between 7.8 – 8.2.

It also contains minerals, including sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, bicarbonates, and more.

What is the ph level of this water? TEN Water is rich with electrolytes and sourced in the eastern U.S. from springs in the Great Appalachian Valley. Smartwater comes from municipal water sources. For more information about TEN Water, visit $0.99 / ea ($0.99/gal) Add to Cart . Contact:George SandriniPhone Number: +1 678-438-9341Email: Aquafina water comes from municipal water sources. It’s at the top of the pH range for bottled waters and tested to hold its high pH in the bottle for a minimum of 2 years. Price. May We Suggest Ingredients . It measured at a moderately alkaline 7.7. It registered in our test at 7.4 on the pH scale. Core’s pH level is similar to tap water which generally falls in about the same range.

Food Lion Distilled Water Gallon (package type may vary) 1 gal. Ways to Shop; Food Lion; “We are so proud of what our brand has evolved into, and our rapid retail growth really tells the story of our success,” says Fernandez. Start Ordering Learn More x Close. Volvic water is drawn from the heart of the Parc Naturel des Volcans d’Auvergne in central France, a protected environment. Weekly Specials Savings Recipes. Which water has the highest pH? Add to Cart . Aquafina measured a pH of approximately 6.0. Sponsored. JUST Water has a pH of 8.0 which is considered moderate. For this particular test it measured slightly below neutral pH at 6.8. Dasani water also comes from public water sources rather than natural aquifers. 9 better options. Evian water comes from a glacial spring where the water is naturally purified without the use of chemicals. If you are looking for bottled water with the highest pH, look no further. It is bottled from a municipal source and processed through a high pressured, spinning chamber.

... BodyArmor Sport Water, Alkaline, Proprietary Electrolyte Formula, pH 9+ 33.8 oz. CORE Hydration is sourced from municipal water sources and is purified, with minerals added to achieve a 7.4 pH which is similar to the pH of your body. Cha Ching 16 Oz. 8 x 12 oz. $0.79 / ea ($0.79/gal) Add to Cart . TEN sources its water from caves deep below the earth’s surface.

Alternatives. According to Nielsen Market data, TEN is now among the top-five best-selling enhanced water brands in the U.S. and holds three SKUs in the top 20. $3.29 / ea. Food Lion Purified Drinking Water Gallon (package type may vary) 1 gal. May We Suggest. Crystal Geyser is based in San Francisco, though like Arrowhead they use a number of spring sources around the United States. This water’s pH was measured in our test at 7.8. Bottled at 10pH, TEN holds the distinction of having the highest pH level of any bottled water and is the only high-alkaline water brand sourced from natural springs – never from a tap. $1.79 / ea ($0.05/oz) Add to Cart . To learn more, visit We’ve excluded alkaline water from this list since most alkaline brands show their pH on their bottles. The pH balance of LIFEWTR ranges between 6.4 to 7.4, which makes it slightly less acidic than standard tap water.

Afterwards, the water is infused with minerals. Acqua Panna is bottled in Italy from natural springs and has a moderate pH level of 8. Poland Spring water comes from a natural mountain spring. Learn the good & bad for 250,000+ products. Food Lion Drinking Water, Purified, Bottle. The water is purified and has a few additives such as magnesium sulfate, potassium chloride, and trace amounts of sodium minerals. TEN Alkaline Spring Water, with a pH of 10. The water is sourced from springs in Glens Falls, NY. These caves, located in the Great Appalachian Valley, are natural quartzite and granite aquifers with extremely dense rocks that naturally filter the water to an incredibly pure state. Eternal Water is sourced from springs and has moderate pH levels, which means the pH is in a range between 7.8 – 8.2.

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