lakha surname caste


It baffles me why people are so proud of being suppressed by caste.

o bhai… listen firstly go and read the indian constituion .usk baad smjho usme kya likha hai . hum RAVIDASI hain thok ke kehte hain aur chuhe billion ki tarha nahi larte jab larte hain toh garzte hain, I feel proud because i m chamar nd i respect guru g, Bhai ji ‘pathania’ ko bhi add kar do we are. Our sikh Gurus & Bhagats have sacrificed all their lives to unite us all together, Bhagat ravidas Ji gave his bani to guru Nanak dev Ji to be included in the Guru Granth Sahib Ji, why don’t these Dera Ballan Authorities respect that and also be proud sikhs. I respect your views , why did you use fucking om with that . people like you cause a devide in the community by making baseless claims. This website is propagating these Ravidassias. Create a free website or blog at thank u navneet kumar ji we have to strengthen our community by encouraging them. Kakade. That we should give her a big thank you and pat on the back for marrying one of our community! Please remove Sandhu from your list.

He has a huge family, all chumars.

sahi kaha ,sabse bade untochable toh ye bramhin hi hote h bcoz bhramhin is very selfish. I want to know whether Juhi Chawla, the film heroine, and Manjari Chawla, a native of Rajasthan, recently appointed Judge in a California Court, U.S.A., also belong to Chamar caste or any other schedule caste? The reason I’m proud to be jatt Is we work by farming the land it’s hard but honest work I don’t believe I’m better then anyone else but I do respect my family history is this bad? one more thing lot of CHAMAR community people changing their Surname to hide their caste. This is so true.

Religious practices and taboos differ from region to region and caste to caste.

i m punia chamar. but overall average they considered hard worker, brave and open hearted . Bains, Sidhu, Atwal, Summan, Chahal, Bhatti, Hira, Heer, etc are also common chamar surnames. Chitriya, Sujji's wife's brother, born of noble family, was killed by red lead ( poison ). Ambedkarism represents democracy, secularism, human rights, freedom, liberty, equality, brotherhood of man, antithesis of Brahminism. So yeah my family is not much into caste system and discrimination. This shows that the person who had given above information is having no knowledge of castes. Just a simple request to ensure full facts are covered and to ensure credibility.

I hope that answers your question Ajay.

I love ths comunity. chamar ka sirunchaa rakhhna he to pehle hum kisiko satate nhi aur hum skill se agey aate he reservation se nahi ye sabit karo warna panguu k panguu hi rahoge yaad rakhna, Mai Orissa ka ek chamar hun or mai chamar caste honeka hamesa proud feel karta gun,hum kuch educated person milke ek committee gadhke gaon gaon ghum k logoko rabidas baba k bare me samjhate hen,or hum ko uchhe barg k logon kis tarah se dalit karte hen us bare mai samjhate hen. They conniving with politicians keep the pressure on at every stage from birth till death. You are majority in India, use democarcy and the democratic process to take controll and destroy the 5000 year system which still permeates India. Discovering the country from which your Lakha ancestors originated can often yield additional clues for the meaning of the surname. Saleyia teri maa da fuddaaaa pariyia..

gotam budha father raja sudhodhan was from sakya caste n mother was daughter of koli raja .rajas/ rajputs can be from any caste koli , kunbi, jat, mala, jala ,hindu, mugal n so on when two fight one wins while other looses has to do the job the winner raja wishes as suryavansi raja was in services of kaluram dom/ chandal The problem with the jatts, from my experience of dealing with them as friends, is that they are often poorly educated on the subject and don’t know that quite a lot of the surnames in the Punjab cut across castes. Bhardwaj is not a chamar last name. Jatt & Chamar have always same and similar surnames. As additional sources for vital records, original documents, vintage photographs and surname-based DNA projects are discovered, this page This is also a chamar surname.. Many still practice these backwards traditions to date. But I hate this division of humanity.

However I will educate you on what you don’t know based on facts and evidence. they should come to forward now the time has been changed . and im a chura chamar of dudley road Check real, Kalsi is not a surname of chamaar…. Hinduism is a man made religion which is totally fake. chamar women only love men from the higher castes.

you can also add Sethi although its so called upper caste khatri(hindu +Sikh surname) .

There is nothing to be ashamed of one’s caste. Main villages of Legha surname is Nagar in Nawanshahr district of Punjab. I have friends that are chamar and i respect them and they are proud of there last names the true ones like kainth etc.

Those questions only ever really arise on visits to India. Beta ap ki cast kahan se start hui thi?

SC are not Shudra – Shudra have been kings like Raja Ranjit Singh and Shivaji . Include surname DHIRAYAN in the surname list. Why cannot they just accept they have another ‘Sikh brother’ in their presence. My paternal side is Maratha and my Great grandmother was an Afghan Pashtun Sikh, My grandmother belongs to Jaat heritage from Gill tribe and my biological mother is Bedi, from khatri tribe.

Shinji is a surname of Jatt too like Virk, Uppal, Sandhu and Gill.

You change yours out of shame. jassal caste is jatt, and rakhra caste is jatt. She has moved on but you are still stuck in the past and harbour toxic sentimentality. Sale chutie …sab galat galat likha pdha h;>, iam from madiga caste in andhra pradesh.whether madiga caste is chamar caste, सर मुझे चमार जाति मे लगने वाले सरनेम(टाइटल) बताए, None of caste hve same sunames or same ancestory.some r aryan some r scythian n large r dravdian.lower caste lke chamar,mazbai n chura used higher caste surnams bcz they dont hve surnames.they live under slavery of higher castes who didnt let them to live human some lower caste got educated n start doing jobs n move to other countries.they thought this is time to hide background. If your web browser does not print the date on Please help me make the list more comprehensive.

They can argue a Jat by saying them Jat but if someone says them Chamar then they object to it. This is why caste names in Punjab for example cut across castes. They also joined the ranks of chamars or other castes.

pandu was never designated brahmin though s/o brahmin .

These positions are not given to persons by virtue of their caste alone because they still have to pass their competative examinations and interviews to be appointed from the scheduled castes. Speak and write like an educated person. You are racist people. Then truly we will have ‘captured the powerhouse for our emancipation’ (Dr BR Ambedkar) and fulfilled the dream of Guru Ravidass ‘esa chahon raj main’.

. law of science- energy he created to BE born by him or his family .

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