slumber cloud sheets


The pockets are deep, so they should fit even pillowtop mattresses up to 15 inches thick. I wake up almost every night of the week in a hot sweaty mess. Our sheets work hard to absorb excess heat when you’re too hot and release warmth when you're too cold. Not quite what I was hoping for. So, let’s go over what those are and how these sheets by Slumbercloud differ from the others.

You have six color choices, and the white ones are a lower thread count and have less of the cooling technology applied to the fabric.

With NASA-inspired technology built right into the Cirrus Pillow, there's no more flipping to the "cool side". No questions asked! I’ve been sleeping on these sheets for the past few weeks, and they’ve had quite a few runs in the washer and dryer. My first night on these linens, I wasn’t expecting much.

Less than 300, and you’re risking slipping under a sheet that’s scratchy and thin. In the case of these Slumbercloud Stratus Sheets, though, I found that there was enough information to make an informed decision when buying these. My bed is a 10-inch tall memory foam mattress, so I expect to sleep warm every night. If you need 100% waterproof protection that stays cool, choose the protector. I can definitely see me using these year-round.

That’s good news for those who have a pillow top mattress or those who like to add a mattress topper to their bed. Originally designed for NASA astronauts to regulate their temperatures in space, Outlast® technology is made up of thousands of microscopic "beads" called Thermocules™. These sheets are easy to care for – just drop them in the washing machine and dryer like any other set of sheets. -Flat sheet might be too small. Probably not, but our cooling sheets do. Look You have 30 days to do so, which is standard in the industry. Originally designed for NASA astronauts to regulate … Cooling But I gave it a few minutes, and it started to warm up a little.

I've been using it for about 6 months now and I've experienced a noticeable difference. The green color was less of a mint and more of a lime, said one reviewer. And overall, the buyers who posted reviews were not disappointed.

That's why our sheets come with a 30-day money-back guarantee called the Slumber Cloud Promise. Making my bed with these sheets was easy, thanks to the full elastic fitted sheet. Wear We understand that bedding is an investment.

So, if there’s anything wrong with your sheets that could be a defect in quality or workmanship, you can return the set to Slumbercloud for a repair, replacement, or refund. The patented Outlast® temperature regulating technology ensures space age comfort and temperature control, while a silent layer of waterproof fabric provides a physical barrier that shields your mattress against dirt, spills, and normal wear and tear. Pay at your own pace with PayPal Credit.

Outlast is a patented technology that was designed for NASA. -Soft feel Here’s where it started working the opposite direction. And some said these sheets came out of the dryer a bit wrinkly. To give it a better test, the second night, I turned my air conditioner to a warmer temperature. CLICK HERE. Slumber Cloud’s Stratus Sheets are unique because they contain the same patented temperature-regulating technology that NASA astronauts use in their spacesuits. The sheets are also thicker than most people expected. Pick and choose each layer of your bed with the Slumber Cloud Bundle for a truly custom "sleep system" designed with space age temperature regulating technology for an unmatched sleeping experience.

So, I turned my thermostat super low. Scientifically proven to outperform traditional bedding, this bundle combines multiple products together into a "sleep system" for maximum performance. Take a minute to watch our video and find out! So, hospital corners are probably not possible with this flat sheet.

Then I dried them on low. The sheets seemed to absorb my body heat and then projected it back to me. If you need the most temperature regulation performance, but are not concerned with 100% waterproof protection the Nacreous Mattress Pad is right for you. Slumbercloud combined cotton with Outlast viscose. I still woke up with no sweat, and the sheets stayed put. They did seem to shrink a bit in the wash, but it made no difference to me or the fit on my mattress. The secret behind Slumber Cloud bedding is the patented temperature regulating technology called Outlast® technology built right into our products.

They’re also thicker than I expected for cooling sheets. The white sheets are made of 60 percent cotton and 40 percent Outlast viscose, while the other colors are a 50/50 blend. find the right sheets for you and your partner learn more about our sheet sets browse our sheet sets A cooler night's sleep is only a few clicks away. How Others Felt About Slumber Cloud Sheets. The mauve is more of a dusty rose color, so it’s a bit like a mature pink.

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