song of solomon commentary chapter 3


Gold was the most prized of all metals and in the ancient Near East the country renowned for its gold was Egypt. "The New John Gill Exposition of the Entire Bible". Idyl. Fields suggests that her desire was to make love to her beloved in the very bedroom chambers where she herself was conceived, to complete the cycle of life/love. (Believer's Study Bible), NET Note - Scholars debate whether Song 3:1–4 recounts a nightmare-like dream sequence or a real-life experience. Henry Morris - Solomon's mother was Bathsheba, and the crown she prepared was a wedding crown. 24:5; 1 Pet. Their love, like a journey, now winds through the streets of the city. Deere comments - The pomp and beauty of this procession were wholly appropriate in light of the event’s significance. Like columns of smoke - Not literal smoke but like smoke such as might be seen by a traveling caravan. Her love has been immeasurably returned. She dreamed that she was looking for her beloved but could not find him (v.1). Both allusions underscore the ideals of romantic love. God does not expect an engaged couple to refrain from having sexual desires for each other, but to restrain themselves from acting on those desires until they are married (Preacher's Outline and Sermon Bible- Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon). (Song 3 NET Notes), Solomon (young man) speaks. It is seen as an expression of the friends’ affection in carefully crafting the interior. Its imagery reflects the bride’s longing to consummate her love with the groom. In the Old Testament the person swearing an oath does so by calling on a divine being or power, or even some part of the body (cf Amos 8.14; Mt 5.36) in this way the oath-takers indicating how serious they are about fulfilling what has been promised. It would be wrong for this girl to pretend that she does not have a strong desire to make love to the man who would soon be her husband.

It is not clear where the dream begins or ends, but it is certainly a major feature of the book....The parallel in Song 5:2–8 is a dream (Song 5:2). Fab. The Lxx translates simchah with the noun euphrosune which describes a state of happiness, cheerfulness, joy, festivity (Acts 2:28, Ps 16:11), Richard Hess writes that "The entire section has been building to this climax, the announcement of a wedding.

But the Bible celebrates sexual love within the commitment of marriage, as indicated in The Song of Solomon. No answer is returned to her question that is recorded; not because they were not able to give one, nor because they did not; and if they did not, it might be owing to her haste, not waiting for one; and if they did, she not being able to apply it to her case, no notice is taken of it: however, though she did not find immediate relief by them, yet she met with something from them that was of use to her afterwards, as appears by what follows. 37:34).

And like that first groom, who stood in utter amazement when the Creator presented Eve to him, Solomon felt like royalty because he was receiving such a beautiful gift from God. From the wilderness - The Hebrew word midbar (04057) can refer to open land, large tract of open country or steppe land suitable for grazing (Ps 65:12; Jer 23:10; Joel 1:19, 20) or to a wasteland, barren wilderness, large tract of sparsely inhabited land, or virtually empty of habitation, a place providing little or no sustenance (Isa 42:11; Job 24:5; Jer 2:31).

Song 2:15 catch the foxes), but ‘clutched and refused to slacken her embrace’ catches the urgency and relief of the discovery better. Gen. 2:24) is a reference to the most intense physical intimacy and the deepest spiritual unity between husband and wife. By night on my bed I sought the one I love; I sought him, but I did not find him. The expression אֵת־שֶׁאָהֲבָה נַפְשִׁי (’et-she’ahavah nafshi, “the one whom I love”; Heb “the one whom my soul loves”) is repeated four times in 3:1–4. It is only within this commitment that all the joys of the male and female lovers come together.” (He then sums up this section) "For the lover, the object of his or her love is one who exceeds everyone and everything else. Prov. Carr on terrors - generally means some external, objective danger, here either roving bands of outlaws who would relish capturing a wealthy bridal train, or perhaps some wild animals that would attack a lone traveler but not a large party.

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