ac odyssey home is where my mother is


After this battle, talk to your mother and she will reveal the rivalry between the islands of Naxos and Paros. After completing this quest you will new quest unlocked in the game quest menu. Just progress ahead to do the task. You can find him in the Village of Gytheion, without any form of protection. Next Main Storyline Olympic games Prev Main Storyline Paradise Lost. There is only one fight in this quest involving Athenian soldiers on the beach. Follow Aspasia’s lead and you will find a cave in Maenad’s Hills.

There will be a conversation where you will pick a few choices to continue. This chapter has no combat involved and is simply dialogue-based. Barnabas will inform you of the final fight in the pankration. Yay! You must find and rescue Euneas. Assassinate Deianeira You can always refer to our individual guides for more information on those.

Nikolaos and Stentor have a bonding moment.

You need to head inside the Leonidaion and look for someone to talk to, at the banquet. Dock the ship and the marker will give you the next objective: Alkibiades. Defeat Drakon The Oil, even when carefully adjusted, will not have any effect on the scenario due to Testikles meeting his accidental untimely demise. Group: Home Is Where My Mother Is Category: Odyssey Quest After helping his mother secure Naxos and learning the whereabouts of his real father, Alexios set sail for Lakonia to face his Spartan past and reclaim the place he once called home. Defeat the mercenary and find Brasidas and your mother to plan for the next action. Follow the marker and find him in a back room of the Sanctuary of Olympia. That is it. Killing everyone in Gorani Marble Quarry and finding 5 weapon racks will complete this quest. You will also need to make the enemy forces weaker by destroying their weapon racks. Head to the island of Naxos through your boat. Follow the marker and find clues to the area. Included are walkthrough, guide, tips, and more for Episode 7! You might need to kill everyone inside though. You will now have created the oil for Pankration fighters. The love and care that your mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, aunt or uncle, provided you with in your childhood is no longer just a step away from your bedroom.

Alkibiades insults the drunken Testikles. However, the kings will order you to complete a few difficult missions. Ride to Zarax Point and find the final target you need to kill in the Fort of Praisai. Be careful you do not get caught in a crossfire. You will find the Stubborn Mule ‘Ainigmata Ostraka” in front of the statue.

You will see some Spartan children below and worry about their safety.

Apparently, Euneas is a captive here. She will stop by a tree on a small hill and dismount the horse, only to walk to the northern edge of the ledge. Kill him on sight. She will stop near the temple construction site and speak to the contractor: Evandros. If you went down Brasidas’ path, Lagos will thank you. Reach Paros Ram & cleave into them to sink them instantly.

Explore the cave and you can find Deianeira there. Once inside, you will find the kings fighting with spears to settle an argument. Head for the Bay of Hades with Phobos and towards the location.

Return to Naxos Talk to Stentor and your next objective will be to defeat the Athenian champions ‘Aristaios, Deianeira, Nesaia, and Drakon’. The Olive Tree of Herakles is located to the northwest of the Sanctuary of Asklepios, where the road intersects near a hill with the large tree in the center.

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