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Shimmy, shimmy, cocoa pop, shimmy, shimmy, pow! The precise lyrics to Stella Ella Ola are hotly debated (“clap clap clap” or “quack quack … (hold your back). I’ve dug up all the best and classic hand-clapping games from your childhood, just be careful you don’t become too addicted. Clapping and other hand motions can be changed as per your child’s convenience. I used to love hand clapping games but I couldn’t remember very many when it came time to teach my kids. This one accompanies the "I'm a Pepper" song from the 1977 Dr. Pepper commercial. All they really want is our time and attention.
With lots of crunchy ice! Tic-Tac-Toe is one of the first difficult hand-clapping games that most people learn. The blog is really very interesting,the clap activities are fun-loving,,,and educational help too. Mentioned previously in this post, this game, this game works well with pairs. Then some bright spark put the lyrics to a hand-clapping game. My mother is a baker, a baker, a baker.My mother is a baker.She always goes like this, “Yum! I guess we’ll never know. There are a lot of things to wonder about Miss Mary Mack, like who was she? See these video examples for a few variation ideas. (combine all the actions)To see what he could sea, chop, knee.But all that he could sea, chop, knee.Was the bottom of the deep blue sea, chop, knee. Next, clap each other’s hands and then your own hands. These are some of the popular and entertaining hand-clapping games that children aged between five and ten can enjoy. Climbing step with a clap is most enjoyed by my girls. Here are sixteen clapping games to introduce to your choir: These clapping games reinforce rhythmic concepts through the use of rhythmic speech (words spoken in a particular rhythm) and performing a hand-clapping sequence with a partner. This video shows the song and clap sequence a few times (including once in slow motion). I’m sorry.Tell my Mommy.Don’t wanna miss yah.Don’t wanna kiss yah.Chinese,Chapstick,Indian,Freeze!I went to a Chinese restaurant,To buy a loaf of bread, bread, bread.The waiter asked me what my name was,And this is what I said, said, said.My name is L-I-L-I, Chickle-li, chickle-li,Pom, pom beauty, extra cutie,My name is,Sit in the back seat.Had a baby in the Navy.Girls go, Whoopsie!Freeze!I went to a Chinese restaurant,To buy a loaf of bread, bread, bread.They wrapped it up in a five pound note,And this is what they said, said, said.My name is,Elvis Presley,Girlfriend Leslie.Snogging in the bathroomBaby’s in the BedroomWoohoo!Freeze!I went to a Chinese restaurantTo buy a loaf of bread, bread, bread.They asked me what my name was,And this is what I said, said, said,I’m Choo, Choo, Charlie.I know karatePunch in the stomach.Oops I’m sorry.I’ll call your mommy.I’ll call your daddy.Freeze! This site is owned and operated by Nevermor Ltd. Nevermor Ltd is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which is an affiliate advertising program designed for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. All Rights Reserved  |  Legal & Privacy, Clap Your Hands: 16 Clapping Games for Children's Choir, 10 Movement Activities for Children's Choir, Fun, Easy Gathering Activities for Children's Choir. If she owned a steamboat it must have been a long time ago anyway.

Hand-clapping games are played by clapping to a rhythm or following a series of clapping movements. We’re bound away around Cape Horn,John Kanaka-naka too-rye-ay!We’ll wish to Christ we’d never been born,John Kanaka-naka too-rye-ayToo-rye-ay, oooh, too-rye-ayJohn Kanaka-naka too-rye-ay! “Lemonade Crunchy Ice” is a clapping game traditionally played either with 2 children or with several kids all together. I had to include the absolute classic that is Patty Cake as my first hand-clapping game. It all started with a TV commercial for the drink Dr.Pepper. He rocks in the tree-top all the day longHoppin’ and a-boppin’ and a-singin’ his songAll the little birds on Jay Bird StreetLove to hear the robin go tweet tweet tweetRockin’ robin (tweet tweet tweet)Rock, rock, rockin’ robin (Tweet, tweedle-lee-dee)Blow, rockin’ robin‘Cause we’re really gonna rock tonight(Tweet, tweedle-lee-dee)Every little swallow, every chickadeeEvery little bird in the tall oak treeThe wise old owl, the big black crowFlap-a their wings singin’ “go bird go“Rockin’ robin (tweet tweet tweet)Rock, rock, rockin’ robin (Tweet, tweedle-lee-dee)Blow, rockin’ robin‘Cause we’re really gonna rock tonightBlow! Although it’s short, Charlie Brown has lots of fun actions to it and can get your little one moving. Pat-a-cake –. Keep your hands together and tap your partner’s hands to the right and to the left. Clapping, patting, stepping, and partner-changing make this a fun movement activity for older elementary choirs! Miss Susie had a baby,She called him Tiny Tim.She put him in the bathtub,To see if he could swim.He drank up all the water,He ate up all the soap,He tried to eat the bathtub,But it wouldn’t go down his throat.Miss Susie called the doctor.Miss Susie called the nurse.Miss Susie called the lady.With the alligator purse.In came the doctor.In came the nurse.In came the lady,With the alligator purse.Mumps said the doctor.Measles said the nurse.Hiccups said the lady,With the alligator purse.Miss Susie punched the doctor.Miss Susie kicked the nurse.Miss Susie thanked the lady,With the alligator purse.

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