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Feudalism was the social structure and style of government in Europe during the Middle Ages. The introduction of gunpowder and long-range cannons made knights fighting with swords on horseback an outdated form of warfare that was expensive to train and support.

It … These castles were unlike the images from fairy tales. These worksheets engage students with the concept of a Feudal Society and examines all aspects of it. You can & download or print using the browser document reader options. Found worksheet you are looking for?

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More tmber was added to the framework and the spaces between filled with wattle (twigs woven together). eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'mrdowling_com-box-4','ezslot_5',261,'0','0']));Peasant farmers needed the noble’s protection as German, Viking, Magyar, and Moorish armies overran small houses and farms throughout Europe. abdominal.

Clothing in the Middle Ages differed depending on what social class a person was in. Motte-and-bailey castles were constructed on large mounds called mottes. A terrible disease called the Black Death claimed the lives of millions of Europeans in the fourteenth century, so in many places there were not enough peasants to farm the vast estates. Are you getting the free resources, updates, and special offers we send out every week in our teacher newsletter? AUTISM EDUCATORS Custom Bundle Created For JENNIFER B. Charlotte's Web Novel Study Questions, Vocabulary, Test, and MORE! When under attack, the people of the manor retreated to the castle for protection. This no prep resource is exactly what you need! Home » Middle Ages » The Black Death – The Great Plague. By the ninth century, the rulers that filled the void after the fall of the Roman emperors in Western Europe were often incapable of controlling all of their lands. If you are working on vocabulary development at the elementary level, this is the workbook for you! 30 pages including the answer keys.

The master who lived in the manor did not own the fief. The first castles were made of wood. Flashcards. Match. Fill in the Blank Exercise 4.03. At the bottom of the blog, there will be links to almost every assignment that will be done during the school year. Many worksheets require student participation by containing various types of questions, such as multiple choice, fill in the blank, short answer, and matching.

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Each page has at least ten words or phrases for students to fill in the blanks in the given sentences. The life of most serfs was hard, and religion played a huge role. Technology vocabulary for beginne Included in this download: CoverTable of ContentsAbout this Workbook & T, Whether you've chosen words from literature, from test prep lists, from a vocabulary book, or hand-selected words you think your students should know, the exercises in this bundle will complement them perfectly. In exchange for loyalty, a king often granted an estate, called a fief, to a noble. lan3nita.

Check out her amazing story at Bluelibra Entertainment, The bailey was the area below the castle where most of the work of the manor was done.

Mr. Donn has an excellent website that includes a section on the Middle Ages. 1.Eurasia- large landmass that includes both Europe and Asia, 2.topography- the shape and the elevation of land in a region, 3.Middle Ages- the time period dating between 500 AD to 1500 AD, 5.St. It's two pages to copy back to back.

The concept of serfdom, which was something like slavery or indentured service, was introduced by the Romans and continued into the Middle Ages. 3.Middle Ages- the time period dating between 500 AD to 1500 AD.

To download/print, click on pop-out icon or print icon to worksheet to print or download. Posted by Lobos, Blue Devils, and Mustangs at 8:00 AM. Unit 8 Terms - The Middle Ages (Answer Key) THE MIDDLE AGES - UNIT 8. Students just choose a word from the reading assignment they don’t know and then follow the simple 11-st, Ready to instantly engage students with fun, doodle-y, and challenging English Language Arts lessons?Then, this bundle of Doodle and Do resources is perfect for your classroom! dystocia. Patrick- one of the first missionaries to bring Christianity to Northern Europe, 6.monks- religious men who lived apart from society in isolated communities, 8.Benedict- Italian monk known for his code of conduct for monks; known as Benedictine Rule, 9.King Clovis- King of the Franks who led the Franks to become a strong Christian kingdom, 10.Charlemagne- Christian king of the Franks; crowned by Pope as the emperor of the Romans, in an attempt to bring back the Roman Empire, 11.Vikings- Scandinavian invaders that led many attacks throughout Western Europe; often by ships, 12.knights- warriors who served their noble lords in exchange for land, 13.vassals- a knight who promised to support a lord or a king in exchange for land, 14.feudalism- a political system in which an  agreement is made between a vassal and a lord; the vassal will promise to provide military assistance for the lord in exchange for land, 15.chivalry- code of honorable; behavior for knights, 16.William the Conqueror- King of Normandy, France who conquered England after the Battle of Hastings and named himself the King of England in 1066, 17.manor- the large estate owned by a knight or a lord, 18.serfs- peasant workers who were tied to the land on which they lived, 19.excommunicate- to cast out from the church, 20.Holy Roman Empire- empire made up of smaller Germanic states which were governed by an emperor who was chosen by the approval of the Pope, 21.Pope Gregory VII- Pope of Rome in 1073 who excommunicated Emperor Henry IV for disagreeing with the choosing of a bishop, 22.Emperor Henry IV- Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire who attempted to remove Pope Gregory VII due to a disagreement over choosing a bishop, 23.Concordat of Worms- an agreement between the pope and the emperor that limited their powers; signed in 1122 in the city of Worms, 24.The Crusades- long series of wars between the Christians and the Muslims in Southwest Asia; the Crusades were an attempt to protect the city of Jerusalem from Muslim invasion; the wars lasted over 200 years, 25.Holy Land- The Christians called the Land of Palestine the Holy Land because it is where Jesus was born, lived, preached and died, 26.Pope Urban II-  Pope of the Roman Catholic Church who launched the first Crusades; he called upon all Christians to retake the Holy Land from the Muslim Turks, 27.King Richard I- King of England who fought in the Third Crusades; also known as Richard the Lionhearted, 28.Saladin- leader of the Muslim forces in the Third Crusades, 30.natural law- belief that God created laws that govern how the world operates, 31.Magna Carta- first document to protect the rights of the people during the Middle Ages; it was signed by King John of England; which limited his power as king, 32.Parliament- law-making body that advised the king; first started in England, 33.Hundred Years War- war between France and England due to the invasion of England into France; the war gave more power to Parliament in England and in France the king grew more powerful, 34.Joan of Arc- a peasant French girl who assists in leading the French army to victory over England in the Hundred Years’ War; captured by the English, Joan is executed for heresy, 35.Black Death- also known as the Bubonic Plague that swept through Europe in mid 1300s; the plague killed at least 1/3 of Europe’s population in approximately 4 years, 36.heresy- religious ideas that oppose accepted church teachings, 37.Reconquista- The retaking of Spain from the Moors led by Christian armies, 38.King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella- King and Queen of Portugal and Spain who required all Jews to convert to Christianity as part of the Spanish Inquisition; they also funded Christopher Columbus’ voyage to the Americas, 39.Spanish Inquisition- a church court that was led by priests to to punish anyone who did not convert to Christianity, 40.Silk Road- trade route between China and European kingdoms, 41.Marco Polo- Italian merchant who wrote about his many travels to China; his writings increased European desire for Asian goods, 42.Renaissance- a time period known as Europe’s Rebirth; following the Middle Ages; the Renaissance is known as a time of great artwork, buildings, education and new ways of thinking, 43.humanism- a way of thinking and learning  that stresses the importance of human abilities and actions, 44.Michelangelo- Italian painter whose most famous work is his Creation painting of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel inside the Vatican, 45.Leonardo de Vinci- Italian painter, his most famous work is the Mona Lisa; he was known as a sculptor, architect, inventor, engineer, town planner and a map maker, 46.Johann Gutenberg- developed the printing press in the 1400s and in 1456, he printed in Latin and then later printed in many languages, 47.William Shakespeare- known as the greatest English writer, famous for his plays and poems, 48.Protestant Reformation- reform movement against the Roman Catholic Church which led to many Protestant Churches as part of Christian religion, 49.Martin Luther- priest who led the Protestant Reformation in his complaints against the Roman Catholic church known as the Ninety-Five Theses, 50.Protestants- those who protested against the Roman Catholic Church, 51.Federalism- a government system where local and central governments share in their governing powers, Unit 8 Terms - The Middle Ages (Answer Key).

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