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or the German Crusade (Deutscher Kreuzzug) was a crusade launched by the Hohenstaufen emperor Henry VI in response to the aborted attempt of his father, Emperor Frederick I, during the Third Crusade in … He was the first emperor since the death of Frederick II in 1250, ending the Great Interregnum of the Holy Roman Empire; however, his premature death threatened to undo his life's work. Henry had to withstand a struggle with Heinrich Leo, who also wanted the throne, and autocratically returned from exile. [15] Florence was able to keep every gate open except that which faced the emperor, and it kept all of her commercial routes open. In 1195 the armistice concluded by King Richard ended. With the birth of this son the idea of an hereditary imperial crown first assumed really tangible shape in the emperor's mind. [5] Raised at the French court, he was the lord of comparatively small properties in a peripheral and predominantly French-speaking part of the Holy Roman Empire. My email address is webmaster at newadvent.org. Throughout the world and different time periods, beauty standards have changed and developed drastically. When in May, 1189, his father Friedrich Barbarossa went on a crusade, Henry remained to rule in his absence.

Kampers, Franz. Emperor Frederick Barbarossa and his sons King Henry VI and Duke Frederick V of Swabia, Welfenchronik, 1167/79, Weingarten Abbey Frederick died in 1190 while on the Third Crusade and was succeeded by his son, Henry VI.

[12], While these negotiations were taking place, Henry began his descent into northern Italy in October 1310, with his eldest son John remaining in Prague as the Imperial vicar. The day after his coronation his wife Constance bore him a son who was baptized and received names held in especial honour by the Normans, Frederick and Roger. In 1189, after the death of the last grandson of Roger II, Henry inherited the Sicilian crown through his wife, Constance. At Henry's death, and for the following decades, the central figure in Italian policy remained his nemesis, Robert of Naples. The Crusade ended after the Christians captured Sidon and Beirut from the Muslims in 1198.[3]. zur römischen Kurie während der Jahre 1190-97 (Berlin, 1902); BLOCH, Forschungen zur Politik Kaiser Heinrichs VI. [13] The Tuscan Guelphs refused to attend the ceremony, and began preparing for resistance to Henry’s imperial dreams. . Thereby the first step had been taken towards a far-reaching policy of expansion. He was buried in the Cathedral of Palermo. Of this the chronicler of St. Blasien writes: "His premature death should be mourned by the German people and by all men throughout the empire. [6] Henry was subsequently crowned at Aachen on 6 January 1309.

Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor (November 1165-28 September 1197) was Holy Roman Emperor from 15 April 1191 to 28 September 1197, succeeding Frederick Barbarossa and preceding Otto IV of Germany. Upon his death, Frederick's German crusading host, totaling perhaps 12,000 to 15,000 men, mostly disbanded and a much smaller contingent led by Frederick's son Duke Frederick VI of Swabia continued to the Holy Land,[4][5] where they joined the Siege of Acre. But the enterprise was doomed to complete disaster. [12] Negotiations broke down due to Robert’s excessive monetary demands, as well as through the interference of Philip, who did not want such an alliance to succeed. The death of his elder brother Frederick (1168/1169) left Henry as the heir to the German monarchy of the Staufen family. [12] It was hoped that this would lessen the tensions in Italy between the anti-imperial Guelphs, who looked to the King of Naples for leadership, and the pro-imperial Ghibellines. [11] Unhappy with the rule of Henry of Carinthia, and wary of the claims of the Habsburgs who had some legitimate claim on the crown, they convinced Henry to marry his son John I, Count of Luxemburg to Elizabeth, the daughter of Wenceslas II, and so establish a claim to the Bohemian crown. The... Today we refer to Viking Age Scandinavians generally as Vikings as though they were one group. [6] German historian Claudia Naumann suggested in 1994 that the Crusade had 16,000 men, including 3,000 knights. William II of Sicily died childless on 18 November 1190 and was succeeded by an illegitimate half-brother, Tancred of Lecce. Henry was crowned emperor in St. Peter's, 15 April, 1191. His only issue was an infant son. They even marched against Damascus and laid siege to Toron, when news of the emperor's death reached them. Pope Clement gladly ratified the election of this national king and absolved all the Sicilian nobles from the oath they had sworn to the German king. Henry VII (German: Heinrich; c. 1274 – 24 August 1313) was the King of Germany (or Rex Romanorum) from 1308 and Holy Roman Emperor from 1312. The Holy Roman Emperor, officially the Emperor of the Romans, and also the German-Roman Emperor, was ... Henry VI: June 10, 1196 - October 9, 1204 Reinvigorated the Imperial succession system. [citation needed] The ceremony was performed by three Ghibelline cardinals who had joined Henry on his way through Italy. At the end of the summer of 1197, he arrived in Messina to personally join the Crusade.

S. B., was Holy Roman Emperor ("Romanorum Imperator") from 1014. This article was transcribed for New Advent by Gerald Rossi. Henry's brother, Baldwin, Archbishop of Trier, won over a number of the electors, including Henry, in exchange for some substantial concessions.

On 25 December 1194 he was crowned king of Sicily; the next day Constance gave birth to a son, who was named Frederick Roger after his two grandfathers. His father-in-law, Richard Coeur de Lion of England, abetted him in his revolt. King Tancred had died there, 20 February, 1194. The emperor returned to the kingdom of Sicily in April 1197, but his preparations for the crusade were delayed by a rebellion that broke out in May. William’s marriage was childless and the line of succession uncertain; by allying himself to the mighty Staufen dynasty, he hoped to secure the position of the Hauteville family in Sicily.

The next year Henry’s marriage to Constance of Sicily was celebrated in Milan (27 January 1186). [16] During his stay in the city, his wife Margaret of Brabant died.

+John Cardinal Farley, Archbishop of New York. [25], His first target was the Guelph city of Siena, which he began to besiege, but within a week, Henry succumbed to malaria, which fast saw him become seriously ill. Fading rapidly, he left Siena on August 22, and was sheltering in the little town of Buonconvento near Siena when he died on 24 August 1313. By skilful diplomatic methods, and especially by taking advantage of the local conditions in the city of Rome that were the cause of so much trouble to the papacy, Henry finally managed to change the pope's mind. In that same year Frederick secured the canonization of his predecessor Emperor Charlemagne (d. 814) from the imperialist antipope, Paschal III (d. 1168), who had been elected in opposition to Alexander III. Nevertheless, by the end of 1312, he had subdued a large part of Tuscany, and had treated his defeated enemies with great leniency. [12] As he crossed the Alps and travelled into the Lombard plain, nobles and prelates of both Guelph and Ghibelline factions hastened to greet him, and Dante circulated an optimistic open letter addressed to the rulers and the people. In fact, Cologne and the Lower Rhine, as well as the Saxon Guelphs, entered into an alliance against the emperor. Then he went south for the German crusade, to extend his power to the East. The emperor's power was so great that at first no serious opposition was made to his plan. [2], While his forces were already on their way to the Holy Land, Henry VI died before his departure in Messina on 28 September 1197. Ecclesiastical approbation. He was buried in the cathedral of Palermo. Frederick Barbarossa and Frederick of Swabia took the cross at the so-called Court of Jesus Christ (Lat. [13] As Emperor, Henry had planned to restore the glory of the Holy Roman Empire, but he did not reckon on the bitterly divided state that Italy had now become. Yet Henry was unable to reach an accommodation with Pope Celestine III, although the German princes were prepared to recognize his son Frederick (II) as king of Germany. This time, Naples did not resist, Salerno was seized, Sicily also submitted, and in November 1194, the Emperor solemnly entered Palermo, where he was crowned the Sicilian ruler. As son of Henry IV, he continued his father’s Investiture Controversy with the Henry is the famous alto Arrigo in Dante's Paradiso, in which the poet is shown the seat of honor that awaits Henry in Heaven. Henry VI decided to take advantage of his father's threat of force against the Byzantine Empire, affected by the rebellions in Serbia and Bulgaria as well as by Seljuk incursions. [17] Henry then expended much of his initial capital of good-will with delays, such as the four-month siege of Brescia (in which his brother Waleran fell) in 1311, delaying his journey to Rome.

[3] The nobles remaining on the campaign captured the Levant coast between Tyre and Tripoli before returning to Germany. This child was now the legitimate heir to the throne of Sicily. [25] His body was taken to Pisa. Henry VI (German Heinrich VI) was the King of Germany from 1169, the Holy Roman Emperor from 1191 and the King of Sicily since 1194. Imprimatur. King Richard Coeur de Lion of England, on his return from Palestine, was taken prisoner by Duke Leopold of Austria and delivered into Henry's hands. On May 7, Henry’s German troops forced their way across the Ponte Milvio and entered Rome, but found it impossible to throw out the Angevin troops from around St Peters Basilica. [15] While he loitered in Pisa, waiting for reinforcements from Germany, he attacked Lucca, a traditional enemy of Pisa. Henry was born in November 1165, son of Frederick Barbarossa and Beatrice I of Burgundy. His son, John of Bohemia, failed to be elected as his successor, and there was briefly another anti-king, Frederick the Fair contesting the rule of Louis IV.

Henry, who was only 32 years old, died of fever in a few days.

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