csf rhinorrhea causes


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2015 Mar-Apr. The paranasal sinuses lying in the skull have fairly thin walls separating it from the cranial cavity where the brain is housed. Antibiotics may be needed for treating bacterial meningitis. CSF rhinorrhea following a traumatic injury is classified as immediate (within 48 hours) or delayed. CSF rhinorrhoea: the place of endoscopic sinus surgery. Rhinorrhea (runny nose) that is clear and watery may be the first sign of cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea.1 Other signs and symptoms may include: 1. Laryngoscope. [Medline].

30 (6):424-9. Cappabianca P, Cavallo LM, Esposito F, et al. [Full Text].

[Full Text]. All these different paranasal sinuses empty into the nasal cavity. Lanny Garth Close, MD is a member of the following medical societies: Alpha Omega Alpha, American Head and Neck Society, American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, American College of Physicians, American Laryngological Association, New York Academy of MedicineDisclosure: Nothing to disclose. A small cribriform plate encephalocele is observed only after removing the middle turbinate. Endoscopic procedures are preferable as it less likely to be associated with complications and has a success rate of over 90%. Sometimes abnormalities in the skull during fetal life and failure of some parts to close after birth may be sites which later serve as the opening for a CSF leak into the nasal cavity. If you've experienced a runny nose without other allergy symptoms, or a runny nose that doesn't get better with time or with allergy medications, ask your doctor if you could have a CSF leak. [Medline]. [Medline].

Nadieska Caballero, MD Fellow in Rhinology and Skull Base Surgery, Sinus and Nasal Institute of Florida Should I Take Benadryl to Treat a Cold or Allergy? This would be especially important if you had a head injury before a runny nose started, or if you have ever contracted meningitis.

Ann Emerg Med. Medication may be of use in treating underlying problems or preventing complications.

2010 Sep. 67(3 Suppl Operative):ons150-8; discussion ons158. Lanny Garth Close, MD Chair, Professor, Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons Is acetazolamide really useful in the management of traumatic cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea?. The use of medication is of limited use except in a case of raised intracranial pressure.

2014 Jun. Sometimes there may be no specific treatment advised apart from conservative measures. Diseases & Conditions, 2002 Dodson EE, Gross CW, Swerdloff JL, et al. Br J Neurosurg. Am J Rhinol Allergy. 4:CD004884. Ratilal BO, Costa J, Pappamikail L, Sampaio C. Antibiotic prophylaxis for preventing meningitis in patients with basilar skull fractures. Surgery is another form of trauma but needs to be differentiated from penetrating and closed injuries to the head. [Medline].

Transnasal endoscopic repair of cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea and skull base defect: ten-year experience. Lopatin AS, Kapitanov DN, Potapov AA. [Medline]. Spontaneous CSF rhinorrhea occurs in patients without antecedent causes. There may also be no history of previous surgery that could have weakened the bone. Surgical repair of spontaneous cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leaks: A systematic review. Treatment of cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea.

By using Verywell Health, you accept our. Byrne JV, Ingram CE, MacVicar D, et al. People with CSF rhinorrhea might complain of a runny nose that gets worse with a change in position (such as standing up) or with Valsalva maneuver (straining or lifting heavy objects)..

Please confirm that you would like to log out of Medscape. Traumatic CSF rhinorrhea can be classified as immediate or delayed. Neurosurgery.

“Contemporary Approach to the Diagnosis and Management of Cerebrospinal Fluid Rhinorrhea.” The Ochsner journal vol. Draining away large proteins and other substances that are not carried out by the veins. Ryall RG, Peacock MK, Simpson DA.

63 (2):197-201. 2004 Aug. 114(8):1475-81. 2003 Aug. 129(8):859-63. It is also prescribed as a preventative measure against meningitis as microbes from the nasal cavity may be able to enter and infect the otherwise sterile cranial cavity. [Medline]. Lobo BC, Baumanis MM, Nelson RF. Triplanar images help to identify and conceptualize the location of this lateral recess encephalocele. Intervention for elevated intracranial pressure improves success rate after repair of spontaneous cerebrospinal fluid leaks.

2016 Nov 1. James Stankiewicz, MD Professor, Chair, Program Director, Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Loyola University Chicago School of Medicine J Neurol Surg B Skull Base. Laryngoscope. Am J Rhinol Allergy. Diagnosis of cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea: an evidence-based review with recommendations. Obstructive sleep apnea in patients undergoing endoscopic surgical repair of cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea. Most commonly, the CSF leak is fixed through nasal endoscopy using a skin or bone graft to plug the hole.. A significant proportion of leaks occur in the region of the cribiform plate of the skull and into the ethmoid sinus. The benefit of early lumbar drain insertion in reducing the length of CSF leak in traumatic rhinorrhea. for: Medscape.

Trauma can cause the bone to fracture and for CSF to leak out immediately after the injury. He is an assistant clinical professor at the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine and currently practices at Central Coast Allergy and Asthma in Salinas, California. Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. High impact injuries as seen with assault or motor vehicle accidents usually causes immediate CSF leaks. 322204-overview

Spontaneous leaks may be idiopathic meaning that it arises due to an unknown cause. Which Allergy Medicines Can You Buy Without a Prescription? MRI cisternography, and the localization of CSF fistulae. A sample of the discharge should be collected and subjected to various tests which may verify that it is indeed cerebrospinal fluid.

Many patients with a CSF rhinorrhea become very concerned upon hearing that the nasal discharge is “brain fluid” (cerebrospinal fluid). 2016 Jan. 6 (1):8-16. 322713-overview Headache 2. [Medline]. Outcomes of endoscopic repair of cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea without lumbar drains. CSF rhinorrhea is an unusual condition that may occur after a traumatic head injury, as a complication of sinus or brain surgery, or as a result of a tumor or congenital birth defect.

J Neurosurg. In a person with CSF rhinorrhea immediately after trauma, apart from surgery, the recommended approach is conservative management. Kerr JT, Chu FWK, Bayles SW. Cerebrospinal Fluid Rhinorrhea: Diagnosis and Management. Lieberman SM, Chen S, Jethanamest D, Casiano RR. 322109-overview Very high intracranial pressure is unlikely to cause a CSF leak unless there is existing bone weakness. 1994. 1994 Nov. 111(5):600-5. 2002 Dec. 51(6):1365-71; discussion 1371-2. However, this does not conclusively indicate that the leak is CSF.

The leak is usually one-sided (unilateral) although it can occur from both sides. [Medline]. The probe indicates that access to the defect is performed through the maxillary sinus and pterygopalatine fossa.

Spontaneous CSF rhinorrhea: prevalence of multiple simultaneous skull base defects. Elmorsy SM, Khafagy YW. Disruption of the barriers between the sinonasal cavity and the anterior and middle cranial fossae is the underlying factor leading to the discharge of CSF into the nasal cavity. Once CSF rhinorrhea is suspected or confirmed by the presence of beta-2 transferrin, the leak needs to be localized for the purpose of surgical correction. Triplanar images of a patient with a left lateral recess meningoencephalocele.

Arlen D Meyers, MD, MBA Professor of Otolaryngology, Dentistry, and Engineering, University of Colorado School of Medicine

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