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That just shatters my entire universe. Yoo-hoo shit heads. Hot Rod (4/10) Movie CLIP - I Like to Party (2007) HD - YouTube Rod Kimble: I’m guessing that’s the drugs, Dave. I am gonna get you better, and then I'm gonna beat you to death! Whiskey! I am just green with jealous rage right now. [wakes up gasping] Hoobastank! Rod Kimble: You know I have a hormone disorder! Dave: Now I know she doesn't look like much, but trust me man, shes got some kick, a lot. Rod Kimble: Hey, Denise, have I ever shown you a picture of my dead dad? I am just green with jealous rage right now. [singing and riding moped] When you're going on a date, you put on a shirt, and ride your bike to the daayaate! Got it? Rod Kimble: [Absent-mindedly, as Denise walks away] You look pretty. I had that weird dream again last night where I am in a castle and a 1000 wizards are coming at me and the only way to kill them is to punch them as hard as I can in the face. If it was prison rules, I'd put my money on the taco. Please make your quotes accurate. Who do you think would win in a fight between a grilled cheese and a taco? My reflexes are sharp, I'm crazy agile, and I have a date. He used to work for Evel Knievel, testing his bikes before big jumps. Rico: My balls itch more than a flea on a jack russel terrier! Frank Powell: Never -- sneak up on a man who's been in a chemical fire. Good night Denise! What were you going to ask me? Sensei, I have a question: Is there a Tai Chi move that would make a grown man crap his pants and not know why? . STANDS4 LLC, 2020. Denise: You don't have to call me Sensei, Rod. He's super dead. Rod Kimble: It's actually one more than Evel Knievel jumped, Rico. Unintentional. 'Dave: That's me.Cathy: Oh, hi Dave.Dave: How you doin Cathy?Cathy: Why'd you call yourself 'Voltron? ', Dave: I dunno, maybe cos it's SUPER badass. Denise: [giggles] He looks so nice. I'm Rico and I like to party. Okay. No you don't. And for that reason, I must quit. My name is Rod and I like to party. Rod Kimble: My safe word will be whiskey [enunciates the h]. And then this other stream of urine is going onto that television set. Rod Kimble: You have only to believe if you wish to achieve. Yeah-heh-ha! No Kevin, I know for a fact you don't party.

You couldn't take everyone loving my stunts and thinking you're short?

Copyright © Fandango. Rod Kimble: [whispering] Frank.

Online. Dave: Ye-ye-yeah uh, we were uh, worried that the moped might not be uh, fast enough to clear the jump so uh, [pulls back curtain to reveal motorcycle]. That just shatters my entire universe. Rod Kimble: I'm officially kicking off Phase Two: Operation Fiscal Jackhammer. Whoa, Dave, this thing is NUMBER ONE!! Rico: Uh, hello.

I am going to get you better and then I'm going to beat you to death! He was a stuntman? We truly appreciate your support. Rico: And I got you this rock [presents him with a small rock wrapped in a bow] to represent ALL my hard work. Man, Rod! Okay, nobody parties but me. That just shatters my entire universe. Dave: She's not? I know. Dave: I’m gonna be honest with you, Rod. Rod Kimble: Oh, yeah. Denise: Is that what you were really going to ask me? I'm not a kid, I'm a man. Rod Kimble: All great men have mustaches! Finish him! [the taco is beating the grilled cheese sandwich with a folding chair] Finish him! Ha-ha-ha! Yeah, well, you have only to believe if you wish to achieve, Kevin. Rico: Don't you EVER try to tell me how to live my life AGAIN! Rod Kimble: Who wants to see me do a BIG-ASS STUNT!!! Rico: There's one more thing Rod. Rod Kimble: Have fun being married to SATAN!

I want the credit I deserve." Rod Kimble: I need to go to my quiet place! Okay, you do NOT party! This is totally my hat! Whiiskeeeeeeeeeey! Rod Kimble: Haha, I'm just kidding. Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox! Did you reinforce the takeoff ramp?

STANDS4 LLC, 2020. Dave, you're up. Barry: Now I don't want to say that kiss was hot, but if the boner police are here, I demand a lawyer! Rod Kimble: Denise, you were right; the taco won. Rod Kimble: You're wrong, Frank. Frank Powell: Yeah, but real men actually grow them! Now let's celebrate. I'm the only one who parties! Kevin Powell: No.

Dave: [Quietly] Pools are perfect for holding water man. I've been drinking green tea all goddamn day! I know you're sleeping but I just wanted you to know the training is going really great. You know pools are perfect for holding water. Rod Kimble: Yeah, but you know what won't make him smile? Rod Kimble : Uh, no, Dave. Rod Kimble: Denise?

'Rod Kimble"': Kevin. Kevin Powell: Hey, Rod, what's that song about grandma getting run over by a reindeer? Kevin Powell: You're gonna look like a champion Rod. Rod: Uh, I said you look shitty. Kevin Powell: You're right. - Dave: Uh, hi. His teeth were ground down to a powder, and the front of his face exploded out the back of his skull. Rod Kimble: The front of his face exploded out the back of his skull.

Okay, let's jump this jump! Um, I was gonna ask you who you think would win in a fight between... a grilled cheese sandwich and a taco. Scrooge: Ho-ho-ho! Cathy: Why'd you call yourself 'Voltron? I'm freakin pumped! He died instantly, the next day.

[Turns and runs away]. Dave: Oh, whoa, wait, what... Why is Rod kissing his sister, man? We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. Let's party. Yes! Rico, you're up. Rod Kimble: No. I could hear you. But you're not ready for it yet. Blood was everywhere. Okay, I'm just gonna do it for you. Rod Kimble: Uh, no Dave. Dave: Alright Rico listen. That rhymed. Hot Rod is a 2007 film about a self-proclaimed stuntman named Rod Kimble who, after finding out that his stepfather is dying, decides that it is up to him to earn the money needed to save him. Rod Kimble: Oh, right. [a grilled cheese sandwich walks up to the taco and starts to fight with it] Ho, ho! A great memorable quote from the Hot Rod movie on - Dave: [Quietly] Pools are perfect for holding water man.Rico: [Filling the pool with the water hose] Man, I don't really know about having a girl on the team, man Dave is the party guy.

Dave : My name is Dave, and I... am the stuntman. Rod Kimble: No way.

I needed to think about last night. Rod Kimble: You know what, let's move on. Hot Rod is a 2007 film about a self-proclaimed stuntman named Rod Kimble who, after finding out that his stepfather is dying, decides that it is up to him to earn the money needed to save him.

[turns around]. Goodnight, Denise! Thanks for your vote! Furious Boss: You're a terrible stuntman. Goodnight! He would do the jumps first to make sure they were safe and let Evel come in and get all the glory. A cooked goose for everyone! 'Dave: I dunno Rod Kimble: You guys, this thing is NUMBER ONE!! In fact, I was too legit.

I'll start. Rod Kimble: Whoa, whiskey! Stay sweet. I just said that I party so maybe you could do something different from me. Ha-ha-haaaaa! I've been drinking green tea all goddamn day! Rico: Yoohoo sh[*]theads, I just found a bag of fireworks in the men's restrooms; would you guys like to light them off? That's nearly as many as Evel Knievel jumped. That rhymed. None of them party, right? I found this bag of fireworks in the men's restroom. Rod Kimble: Oh my god, shut up! Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances, All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer. Dave: Aw, man. Eagle, Fox, Bottlenose Dolphin, Octopus, House Cat! Rod Kimble: Got it. Rico: I'm freakin pumped! Rico: Uh, Denise isn't his sister. "'Rod Kimble"': Wooh...[speaking to self] Soul of an Eagle.

Dave: Oh, whoa, wait, what... Why is Rod kissing his sister, man? I go to Church every God-Damn Sunday and you bring the demons out in me!!! Yeah! [everyone raises their hand] Good. Marie Powell: He wanted to win that contest so badly... Rod Kimble: Yeah, I do. Rico: Yeah, don't you EVER tell me how to live my life again. . Quotes will be submitted for approval by the RT staff.

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