journal of patient safety impact factor 2019


Nausea was by far the most reported ADR followed by decreased appetite, diarrhea, fatigue, and abdominal pain (upper). A paper-based fail-safe system for abnormal mammograms is feasible in a primary care practice. However the model of teamwork in healthcare is diffusely defined, no clear performance metrics have been established, and the use of simulation to train teams has been suboptimal. As part of a larger study, we developed complex and specific trigger algorithms intended for concurrent use with clinical care to detect outpatient ADEs.

In this study, we assessed the quantity of publications regarding this protection within the medical literature. According to this study. Measures of positive predictive value, negative predictive value, weighted sensitivity, weighted specificity, and concordance were used to evaluate agreement between the 2 methods. Then, we took that data, and my husband and I decided we would do everything we could to make life better for others. However, the PSQIA is unlikely to be effective unless frontline providers are aware of its existence. More than 50 residents participated in the module. Intensive care unit transfers with positive criteria were more likely to die than patients without criteria (35.4% versus 20.6%; odds ratio [OR], 2.1). Compared with those from 2003, respondents in 2008 more strongly agree that physician-nurse teamwork (P = 0.001), attending supervision (P = 0.017), 80-hour workweek (P < 0.001), computer order entry (P < 0.001), and improved resident sign-out (P < 0.001) help reduce adverse events. We selected 7 labs as widely available, commonly obtained, and associated with high risk for potential morbidity or mortality within abnormal ranges. The NPSF Congress provided meaningful content through plenary and breakout sessions that discussed a variety of real-world tools, resources, and evidence-based solutions to safety issues. In this study, we postulate reasons in favor of a single structured RRT led by an intensivist for both inpatients and NHPs.

And that is why I do what I do-for my husband and for everybody else, because nobody should have to suffer as we did.

We identified contributions from 5 major research fields: economic, sociocognitive, psychometric, sociological/anthropological, and interactionist. Can you please come here as soon as you can because I don't understand what's going on.' Copyright © 2020 Elsevier B.V.

The rate of hospital-acquired stage III and IV PrUs decreased 66.3% between 2011 and 2013. To determine whether medication regimen complexity (MRC) could predict likelihood for occurrence of potential adverse drug events (ADEs), unplanned 30-day hospital readmission, or 30-day emergency department use in patients transitioning from hospital to home care. Consecutive abdominal CTs for nontraumatic abdominal pain were evaluated retrospectively over a 7-month period from January through July 2010. Trauma to teeth happened in 1:31,480 procedures. To assess physician knowledge regarding acetaminophen dosing, toxicity, and recognition of acetaminophen-containing products and counseling practices when prescribing acetaminophen-containing medications. No articles were determined to be "on topic" in the pre-IOM period (n = 624). MRC was predictive of patients' potential for ADEs and unplanned hospital readmission. More than two-thirds of the departments attained higher scores in round 3 than in round 1. Importantly, institution-specific payment and cost data are used to calculate financial impact and attributable cost associated with poor patient outcomes, adverse events, or quality issues. The debate reflected the struggles organizations are facing with ensuring a responsible workforce committed to patient safety versus the need to redesign flawed systems that are error prone.

On 30-day follow-up by chart review, no (0%; 95% CI, 0%-1.2%) significant surgical problems were identified, and no cases of missed appendicitis were identified. This paper highlights the potential for health information technology to become an increasing part of effective transitional care interventions, with the potential to reduce the resource burden currently associated with effective care transitions, the ability to spread improved practices to larger numbers of patients and providers efficiently and at scale, and, as health technology interoperability increases, the potential to facilitate critical information flow and feedback loops to clinicians, patients, and caregivers across disparate information systems and care settings.

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