note 20 ultra review


Perhaps, most of all, you don't want to make compromises.

Speaking of which…. Press the shutter button to record three to 10 seconds of video. The large image sensor allows this phone to naturally get DSLR-like bokeh effects.

It’s good at pretty much everything. At times, it makes for frustrating touch targets on the edges of the screen and it picks up random taps or swipes if I’m not careful with my hand placement. Like the Galaxy S20 lineup, the Ultra supports both mmWave and sub-6Ghz 5G.While the networks are still somewhat limited, you’re covered on all fronts as 5G continues to become more relevant across the country. The S20 Ultra’s 108MP shooter lacked phase detection and had a focusing issue.

It basically just flies through everything. I have to be honest and say that, while I have owned a few Notes over the years, I have never been an avid user of the S Pen in part because my handwriting is atrocious. It will draw the best out of whatever content is on screen and holds up well in almost any viewing environment.

However, at times it works a little too well. In other words, we’ve seen it before — and that’s a shame. You’ll want to take more notes with your Note 20 Ultra’s S Pen. For the most part, I found that to be true, but there are some odd exceptions. Samsung’s flagships have gotten so good that reviews of them are all basically the same: Yes they have the best specs, but they’re also the most expensive (although the Note 20 Ultra actually costs $100 less than the S20 Ultra). Most standard daytime shots look excellent, if slightly oversaturated per the norm with Samsung. It competes with the Pixel 4A's Night Sight—sometimes the Pixel snaps the better image, other times Samsung wins—but you get a far more versatile system in the Note 20 Ultra. Take performance as an example. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (top) is only about three-quarters of a millimeter thinner than the S20 Ultra, but the difference is noticeable. Where’s the value to be found? Samsung has always known how to slap glass and metal together, and that’s clearly evident once again in the Note 20 Ultra. The Samsung Galaxy Note series has long stood at the forefront of the mobile photography game, and yet this year it feels more like it’s playing catch-up. Charge times were good. It’s now even easier to connect your Note with your Windows 10 PC thanks to an icon in the Quick Settings menu. Samsung calls the new Air Actions “Anywhere Actions.” Why? My son reports that while the on-screen controls were a little confusing at first, gameplay on the Note 20 Ultra is “OP” (that means good), and he was able to snipe some sweats. The size also means it’s tough to use when resting on a table. GFXBench 5.0 specifically looks at graphics performance. You can view full-resolution photo samples here. I tested it out on a handful of titles, including Mortal Kombat, Dead Trigger 2, 1945 Air Force and Alto’s Odyssey. Bottom line, the Snapdragon model is generally superior. That is an improvement over the Note 10 Plus’ 4,300mAh cell, to be sure, and yet I was hoping for more. If you opt to take a full 108MP image, you lose the ability to zoom in optically as it has to use that wide-angle primary lens. We just don’t have a specific timeline yet. With heavy use, expect it to last a day and not much more.

One thing gamers will need to bring to the Note 20 is a pair of earbuds. See also: Portable battery chargers: Which battery pack is the best? The sensor is the same as that of the Note 10 Plus, but I found it worked more consistently at unlocking the device.

Then there’s 8K video capture. Basically, you draw a “V” in the up, down, left, and right directions, or draw a squiggle. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra starts at $1,299 and, while that is unquestionably expensive, it is slightly less so than the Galaxy S20 Ultra and the Galaxy Z Fold 2, at $1,399 and $1,999, respectively. When it got it right, photos often had an aggressive bokeh effect even without using Live Focus. If you have a phone to trade, I highly suggest you look at what you can get for it. The Note 20 Ultra doesn’t play 4K YouTube video like the Sony phone, but watching Carfection’s Porsche Taycan review, it hardly shows. A company spokesperson tells me customers aren't "taking full advantage" of Samsung's discounted offers if they're paying the full price. The video live focus is not perfect, but it can add a cool look to your video results. What’s odd, however, is that rather than remain static at 120Hz, the Note 20 Ultra’s screen refresh rate is variable. The 6.9-inch AMOLED screen is also exquisite.

It's using the newer Snapdragon 865+ chipset (which is slightly faster than the 865 in Samsung's Galaxy S20 range) with 12 GB of RAM. We don’t have two Note 20 Ultra’s on hand for side-by-side testing. Read more: Here’s everything new in Samsung One UI 3.0. Because the Note 20 Ultra is flat-out gorgeous. Shadows and lowlights aren’t blown out as they are on other Galaxy phones.

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