anmeldung without appointment berlin


Don’t give up. I need to come to the office second time as first time I was missing some documents. Hi Dennis, sorry I wasn’t able to respond before your appointment came around.


Cheers, Kathleen. My blue card is without a tie to my previous company. I promised you an article for people without appointments. Blue card – Keplerstr, regular work permit – FKU. Please inform yourself beforehand, to … Book an appointment. You might have to kick up a fuss and mention your travel plans to the US – take your plane ticket, for example – so that they know there’s a good reason to let you be seen before your appointment. Thank you, There is a consultancy service, and there are mixed reviews on its friendliness factor. I went to the one in Frankfurter Allee, Friedrichshain 20 minutes before the opening time, on a "drop in" day, and was first in line. Walk-ins for blue cards in Berlin are tricky. But you do need to bring his original passport and all the necessary documents for him as well as yours. I've been to Yorckstr this week. To complete it, we have created AiRelo, a free to use chatbot which by taking a picture of your passport and/or answering a few questions in your language delivers the form as a pdf. We have a long flight.

I am really really afraid of taking any risk so I have already made up my mind to lineup early morning and try without an appointment (mostly next Monday in Keplerstr.) Ilona. Site map.

This form is the main document you have to bring with you for the registration. So if her residence permit gets invalid once she leaves her current job, does she need to apply for temporary residence permit until she gets dependent residence permit ? This is one the most important administrative steps for anybody moving to Germany. utilises cookies so as to provide you with the best experience possible. The doors opened and people pushed, scratched, grunted and trampled. In this guide, I show you the best ways to get a Bürgeramt appointment in Berlin. My heart bleeds for the students and academics who tell me they needed to get to Charlottenburg at 2:30am on a Monday to get one of the limited waiting numbers for the day at 5:30am. Your appointment must be after you move in.

Mary. Of course, I’ll need all my documents in order. I am currently in one of those situations that I landed myself in a new job here and my work-visa (Aufenthaltstitel) is still tied to my previous employer. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. How can i extend my visa? I went to Friedrich-Krause Ufer in March for a same day appointment for my non-EU spouse to join me, and the current situation is you turn up at a tent at 01:30am to queue for one of about 65 tickets handed out at 04:00am for later the same day. If you need help with filling out the form or the registration process, this site offers some great tips. a letter confirming your graduation, and whether that will work – they will definitely know and should be able to help you further.

Thank you,

If you’ve been employed for more than 2 years, you don’t have to change the permit over. I’m surprised this wasn’t done back when you got your blue card! Most importantly, how long have you been in Germany and under which type/s of permits? I've had to visit the Auslanderbehörde several times, and their interpreter was a great co-pilot through this stressful process. But I just want to make sure you’ve exhausted all your options for getting one. How I got a new passport in less than 2 weeks. When doing so, you will be given the “ Meldebescheinigung “, a residence registration certificate. If you are registered in Berlin, visit the Berlin office. i have a contract and everything with the same company the first issue was tied to. When doing so, you will be given the “Meldebescheinigung“, a residence registration certificate. Among other special nicknames, it has been described as “the most miserable place in Berlin”, “the place of shattered dreams” and “inefficient government bureaucracy at its finest”.

You might not even need the appointment at all if your Blue Card is not tied to a particular job. Let me know your thoughts on this. 2) As I have Blue card, I have also booked an appointment in September to change her residence permit to dependent type. So my question is, am I eligible to get a temporary permit under the case of university graduate seeking employment? Go to the second floor to get a waiting number from the machine on the wall. Hello Kathleen, She did get lucky as she ariginally had an appointment for September but managed to find one for June. An Argentinian comments that Argentina nationals can’t apply for Residence Permit for the Purpose of Freelance *inside* Germany. This is not possible anymore. Ilona. To register you need to go to the Bürgeramt, which is the equivalent of the city hall, but there is one for every district of Berlin. I can’t say for sure, so the best way to find out is to take your work contract to the office and ask. Your article is indeed insightful and many many thanks for this.

It’s especially taxing if you need to travel outside of Germany but are holding off until you have the right permit in your passport. Look up their opening times on the for drop-ins.

I hope you sorted it out!

Sometimes, you can only get an appointment a few weeks later.

Even when you get to the office, continue refreshing and reloading to see if a same-day appointment comes up. Required fields are marked *. I know you said you can’t find any appointments online, but just try reloading the site at a few different times of day or night. Anmeldung comes from “ An/melden “, to register in German. Is the only way to get an appointment going at 1.30am? Don't quote me on that. de – and there ‘Online appointment agreement of the Berlin Foreigners Registration Office’? We’ve tried emailing them and have gotten now response. I would ask the student services center at your university if they can give you another sort of temporary document for this type of permit, e.g. Not the most noteworthy thing you will do in Berlin for sure, but mandatory and easy to do when you know how it works. Please let me know.. Hi Varun, I can book an appointment and get the blue card, but till then my wife’s visa will expire. So we won’t be able to go to Foreigners Office super early on Tuesday.

For what its worth the one in Kreuzberg I found OK, but the only thing is you have to register in the district you live in (or was that the finanzamt im not sure), so you might be SOL on that. I just read a notice on the site for the Stuttgart Bürgerburos that the rate of over 50/100,000 has been broken and as of tomorrow Oct. 14th there are automatically strict new measures going into place.

So I think that means I need to show up in person for a same-day appointment.

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