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©2020 National Office Furniture. Crunchy leaves. Our goal is for our customers to have an amazing experience in transforming their home offices.

There are plenty of cubicle components, partitions and other parts available to achieve what you need. Discounted or free shipping rates do not pertain to local deliveries via NOL delivery trucks; this is simply on specific items shipping from our Phoenix warehouse via FedEx Ground or UPS Ground directly to the buyer’s location. We are also a full service dealer, working with our partners to provide our clients with any office furniture or accessory need they may need.

Use Promo Code: FALL2020.

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In each series, the most popular options have been pre-selected for a complete L or U configuration. When it is necessary to get task seating even quicker, we offer Laudio and Wander seating models that ship within 2 days. These complete L or U Unit configurations are consolidated into one easy to specify model number. Price is per unit. Contact Information We have select finishes that are in stock all of the time!

Looking for a way to maximize your space and team efficiency? Room Dividers can separate a room to create meeting spaces, workstations, or breakroom areas with their mobility and flexible usage. Not only can our gen2 select finishes be utilized for project speed but you can apply our gen² select finishes to reduce the already low cost of gen2 Office Furniture products. NATIONAL OFFICE FURNITURE—QUICK DELIVERY CASEGOODS 1 25. Create a workspace that is efficient and beneficial for all of your employees. Office cubicle systems and panel system designs offer a variety of ways for you to customize your space that best suit your needs.

Also, if you would like to purchase other items in addition to the chair(s) that qualify for discounted or free shipping, please notify your sales rep you would like the orders to be separated to avoid shipping delays. It’s that EZ. And the installation went great. h�b``�f``��������A���X�����{A���_q0t !D�L��uw?��b��^�F��c���3N,_je|���q������%�`r�WՀ4#�0 �p� endstream endobj 75 0 obj <>>> endobj 76 0 obj <> endobj 77 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]>>/Rotate 0/TrimBox[37.512 37.512 649.488 829.488]/Type/Page>> endobj 78 0 obj <>stream Specify quickly and accurately with National’s EZ Arrangement models. National’s Quick Delivery products are available to deliver in 10 business days or less to the specified ship to address. Contact us for availability.

We’re proud to offer our clients the best available furniture and supplies. 10% Off Select Products. Talk with our Professional Design Services team for help on how to create the perfect office space. ��jY���@�0XeB�������i}-�6FXU�2�DL����H�9Co�A�4R�b?�X��P�L*s���y��8V,R�ţ�t�GvX�}�X�Ä{���2�f�K���}�J� [�wTBx�*_�C�2I�}��r���G���:��|�����3��������i���*٠�͎���r|�in�,ݦY�������vҌ�2��:h�3�x�h�Ŵ(~���V-�p��72B"���>�yBrڲ�e���^������Ѣ�ǢsP�Ol!���B���۶3�����¼������l60���x�t0�.

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