the dark side of paid parental leave


Democrats, progressives, and even some reform-minded conservatives have slammed President Trump’s new budget as a cruel, math-challenged non-starter. Employees become eligible for this benefit after one year of continuous service with the Commonwealth.

The dark side of paid parental leave.

The median gross wage in 2009 for males aged 25-34 was around $1100 per week, and $913 for females (sourced from ABC Diamond). Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account.

Citigroup offers 16 weeks paid leave to birth mothers in the US, and eight weeks paid “parental bonding leave” to all other parents, including parents of adopted children.

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Aparna Mathur.

For instance: Trump is the first Republican president to offer a national paid leave plan, a result of daughter Ivanka’s insistence.

It goes over negative things that will bring to the mother and how companies will not hire a woman. It is not surprising to see this from a group tied to unsolicited text messages and emails to AFSCME members with deceitful information trying to get them to drop their union membership.

But this is not an argument against providing a reasonable length of paid leave to all working families with a reasonable level of wage replacement. So yes, it is possible that if paid family leave policies are overly generous, last longer than a year, and have a high uptake by women but not by men, then women’s careers and their potential to be employed in high-paying managerial positions could be negatively impacted. Parents would get money now to help with the newborn in exchange for having to wait six more weeks for their retirement benefits – sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?

Parents also have the option of taking their normal holiday leave entitlement after paid parental leave ends if necessary, negotiated with their respective employers. The offer replenishes with each new child, and if both parents are Commonwealth employees, they both would be given up to six weeks of paid parental leave. Council 13 supports this initiative and urges the legislature to extend such a policy to all of Pennsylvania’s working families. New parents (including those who adopt a newborn) will be able to receive 18 weeks’ parental leave, set at the federal minimum wage (currently $544 per week). The dark side of paid parental leave.

Under the Coalition policy, moreover, they would be less likely to need to spend those savings. Similarly, the 2013 study by Francine Blau and Lawrence Kahn specifically studied whether “generous parental leave mandates and the high incidence of part-time work in most countries reduced the likelihood that women will be able to enter high-level jobs, which generally require full-time, full-year, career-long commitments… More generous leave policies and a higher incidence of part-time entitlements may lead employers to engage in statistical discrimination against women.” A closer look at Table 2 in the study shows that in 2010, the average number of weeks of parental leave in non-US countries was 57.3 weeks—longer than a year—with an average wage replacement rate of 38%, compared to a US average of 12 weeks of unpaid leave.

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