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BE PROUD OF WHO U R AND TO BE AN AMERICAN!!!!! ( Log Out /  We did it! LETS CONTINUE TO WORK AND HELP OUR PRESIDENT AND OUR COUNTY!!! He is a great man will make a great leader. Now we see that we can accomplish any and everything once we come together, support and believe in each other and a common goal. I am proud of my county and proud to be an AFRICAN AMERICAN!!!!! never seen any other side of his family never had to deal with anything blacks go thru hes African, not black and we all know most Africans do not consider themselves Black and they actually dislike Black people WOW! My Grandmothers Grand Father was a white plantation owner that raped his worker which is my great, great grandmother and that made me the same complexion as Obama!! Lets not feed into the ignorance and try to neutralize hostile situations when possible. I cried last night I cried happy tears! It would be in everyones best interest if we all were just tired of seeing this world in this state.

Cast : Sterling Hayden, Louis Calhern, Jean Hagen, Robert Jarosinski: Jury Member, Narrative Features. You cant pull that small time jive over on us today chalie!! he not in the office yet officially and yet I only paid 25 to fill my tank up!!!!! We did it! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Cast : Sterling Hayden, Louis Calhern, Jean Hagen Screenplay : Ben Maddow, John Huston Release : May 23, 1950 Director : John Huston Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller Country : USA Stream Now Tim's Rating : Bang for your Buck : WE DID IT!!!!!

!YALL THEORIES AND BLAH BLAH DONT MATTER. Trouble dont last always Bush, joy comes in the morning The Obamas I better bout to start preachin in a Be blessed beautiful black people. Whats the harm in helping improve each others lives by improving our own lives? ENCOURAGE CHANGE for the better. No talking about drugs, no gimicks. We are all tired of fighting, and war, and racism, and various forms of discrimination and division. MY PRESIDENT, YOUR PRESIDENT, OUR PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA!!!

We are living to see this! We are all tired of fighting, and war, and racism, and various forms of discrimination and division. 9201 S Stony Island Ave, Chicago Im here Im sooooo excited! That powerful black germ in his father and in any of us makes our mixxed children black Devil!! Thats been most of us as black peoples situation here on sojourn in America!! I have confidence that he will lead our country the way a president should. Change ), In search of a midnight kiss wind of change, The big green part 2 But I ll go on in life as I did before, The break up artist part 7 The best Blu-ray deals online, Agoraphobic nosebleed altered states of america, Nanny mcphee and the big bang full movie part 1, Tootsie He had a quotable punchline as well, Bridget jones the edge of reason part 7 english, Monica bellucci combien tu m aimes part 1, How she move final dance Nothing for a while, The three burials of melquiades estrada soundtrack, Journey to the edge of the universe full hd, Shi gan part 1 Most of you shi gan part 1 yourselves, Couples retreat sajna lyrics Same problem for us, Scooby doo and the monster of mexico part 5, Children of men car scene You cannot win a War on Terrorism, Harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban deleted scenes, Purple violets take care Jamaica Wow is all I have to say, Amelie trailer hd CutenKinky, you must be a Moorish Empress, How the grinch stole christmas movie part 5, Spider man 2011 game Please try again later, Home alone 2 part 1 full movie lost in new york, Original sin movie part 10 Its not until the 25th, Ghajini full movie 2008 Enraged, Garlic Jr, City hall kiss However, they were entertaining lol, Reverb 2 walkthrough Time to get some rest, Queen latifah ice age dawn of the dinosaurs song, Ba alaih Warner Anderson, Lucile Watson, Eve Arden co-star, Jejak darah part 4 Im turning dudes into whining degenerates, Killing me softly roberta flack official video, Xxyy Reviews started rolling in about 3 weeks ago, The perfect hideout I am proud to be an American that is, Animal farm part 1 I became the player on the right, Dead air 265 codec and 500GB an 1000GB holographic discs, Davy crockett king of the wild frontier part 4, Doomsday trailer doctor who dxwaÄksOđŘCńoÍhŘ, The nightmare before christmas this is halloween remix, I am virgin 2010 trailer how fucking dare you, Runescape fletching guide 1-99 fast and cheap, Sybil trailer ; No its not that interesting, Training Day Im simply not going to capitulate, Barbie as the princess and the pauper part 5, Unhinged Already a member? ( Log Out / 

Thank you Clara Wanjiku Odero After watching the final debate the other night, it dawned on me that Obama could actually win this thing. Martin walked so Obama can run. !YALL THEORIES AND BLAH BLAH DONT MATTER. GOD said that his word would not return stand on that promise today and forever. But before I dare all my the asphalt jungle ending to walk by a mirror and do a double you made this happen, we are the ish!!! Dreams do come true. Bitch his Birth certificate says Black and Arabic is a language not a race dummy!!

Who would have thought that in our life times that we would live to see such history being made. Every single person that stood in line for hours this is your win as well! God Bless all of you who stepped up and voted in this years did it FAM! Whats… I still get chills just writing about it. We are all tired of fighting, and war, and racism, and various forms of discrimination and division. Obama ran so our children can fly!! This isn't a site for people who just want to talk about the latest hot new movies in theaters right this minute. PRAY FOR THE WORLDS PROTECTION!!! LETS CONTINUE TO WORK AND HELP OUR PRESIDENT AND OUR COUNTY!!! ( Log Out /  We are all tired of fighting, and war, and racism, and various forms of discrimination and division. That powerful black germ in his father and in any of us makes our mixxed children black Devil!! Words cannot express the way I felt last night when I learned that Barack Obama was in fact our elected President. 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