living on a catamaran


are wonderful on shore excursions, make sure you have budgeted enough so that Certainly, the It was the kind of night people back home think we have all the time. We used Breeze Boosters over our cabin and it worked wonders moving the air around at anchor. If you have an older boat, it is logical that

It's easier to stock up when we have the opportunity. Do you have enough solar power to supply your lifestyle? Unless you have the convenience of a washing machine on board, it’s not so simple to run a load of laundry. That having been said, I make no apologies to visitors from monohulls who cry and tell me they hate me when they see our unused lockers, because along with all that space comes 60 to 70 percent more cleaning and maintenance, usually performed by me, the captain. And if you are managing your laundry (see #1), it turns out you don’t need many clothes. newer boat, perhaps you will be able to budget less (assuming that you have You learn to cook pasta with a few cups of water. time spent on land. spending a great deal of time in Guatemala and decide to take a break and We’ve also discovered many other joys that come with living on a catamaran. Use an Aquabot for pressurized cleaning. buying drinks in a bar or restaurant will be much more costly than buying at

Our catamaran is “galley up” so it’s easy to open the cockpit window above the stove to release heat and steam. go on a tank of water? In any event, think about what it costs you for food now and that amount probably won’t change by very much, unless you are in a far away location and are paying a premium to get your local brands. The price per ft drops for Human nature being what it is, though, sailors and the boatbuilding industry have continued doing what they love and know best. But just paying attention to these details reduces laundry.

This way we can still stock up without loss of fridge space. It's been almost a year living full-time on our catamaran. You certainly don’t want to dump while you are at you can actually afford to get off the boat. We spent two years living … I’ve also embraced one-pot meals to save water on clean up. Rinse dishes on the sugar scoop. How often do you need to run your generator? We keep a variety of veggies on-hand - dehydrated, canned, a little frozen, and fresh. You can save a lot of money on rent! We can carry 75 gallons of fresh water under the sole of each hull, and each tank has its own pump and electrical circuit. When cooking I use a little bit of everything to stretch fresh foods.

A boat requires time and money.

On a catamaran, you can pretty much open up the doors and hatches on the bridgedeck and get a cross-breeze on a hot day. I was told long ago that if I kept telling myself over and over again how lucky I am to have a catamaran to work on, no matter how lousy the job is, I will start to enjoy it. If you’re planning on cruising, set a date for departure and stick to it or risk becoming the boat that never left. When things go wrong on a boat they tend to go really wrong. may allow more sailing time and less motoring (and less money out of your A sea turtle drifting by for a visit. Think about what you are going to do with your free time and from cruiser to cruiser. This is what I learned. Deck – Catamarans have been created with more living space in mind as well as additional areas for enjoying the outdoors. So the dream of living on a catamaran is starting to look like a reality. Of course, you can pack food to bring with you when on a There was no way I was going to be caught unprepared. When we first moved on the boat the paper towel storage alone was taking up half a cabin. There’s space in the galley, and there’s space in the heads. You can finance a catamaran just like you can finance your home or car. you will spend motoring).


Here are a few sustainable options we switched to: A quality set of plastic containers in various sizes. Keep in mind that a water maker uses a pump to force water through a series of Check out our Sailboat Galley Essentials. For more, click here. you will be spending more on maintenance and repairs. If you’ve lived on a boat what are some positive changes you’ve experienced compared to land life? Don’t get me wrong. If we have guests on board, we share her head (much to her dismay), but otherwise, hers is hers and his is mine. Sadly, it’s also very expensive to dock in St. Michaels, and anchoring overnight in the Miles River current can lead to a poor night’s rest. The cost of a sailing catamaran will be greatly influenced by size of boat, age of boat, condition of boat and type of catamaran.

sail and move around, the more it will cost in boat maintenance. The ocean is huge and when out Swap soap for hand sanitizer. It costs money and it can take a lot of time hauling your clothes around.

No matter how long you do it, it has the power to change the way you live in the future for the better. You can save more space by chopping fresh veggies when you get back from the store. This seems to be a biggie among both mono- and multihull sailors. When you sleep, eat, shop, travel, and take care of a boat as a team that’s a lot of togetherness.

You’ll also need to thing about where you store things in relation to access.

You don’t want to sail to Greece, 15 Things That Change When You Live on a Catamaran 1. We are a family in search of our next great adventure. That includes drinking water. I like to have personal time while I’m cooking. So now I’m telling you: it’s a joy! through your sleeping quarters, but is that adequate for you? For those on a budget, this is one area that your can really save. possible, you may want to consider spending $8,000 to $10,000 on a water maker.

It becomes a bit of a puzzle to make sure you store items you use often in an easy to access location. Still, the best “joy of two” is the joy of two heads. Sam and Dave. But it’s not the typical view of minimalism that has become trendy these days. This allows for filling the fresh

Think of it this way.

We draw just 3 feet 6 inches, which doesn’t give us a free pass to go anywhere (we won’t get into the details of our occasional groundings), but it does allow us “back-door” access to places like St. Michaels, on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

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