what colors go with charcoal grey couch


It’s been a rough few days with an entire family down with the flu, ugh! Check out her beautiful work below.

While grey is still dominating the colour design trends, you may have purchased a charcoal sofa or a grey couch. Maria’s systematic approach gave me a “can’t fail” framework that made me a more confident and competent designer. In fact, after taking her True Colour Expert training a few years ago, following her blog and reading all of her books, I’m not sure there is anything Maria doesn’t know about colour!!!

For a more monochromatic decorating idea, when black and white are present, gray is a welcome addition, and charcoal gray has a similar cooling effect to black, so it complements it well.

If I’m understanding correctly, you have to either use large blocks of color, in which case the two green chairs constitute a block, or you need large, medium, and small doses of an accent color.

Wow Maria!! What color goes with charcoal gray? Hope that helps,

I disagree that small pops of colour, such as pillows, do nothing for a grey room. If the chairs were white or grey and there were green pillows on the sofa instead (or even if this decorator had also included two green pillows on the sofa to relate to the green chairs), we would have the same effect as the charcoal and red room in the previous photo. The soft gray cabinetry paired with the stainless steel appliances and fixtures create a … tomorrow I have a super fun diy tutorial on how to make these little ledges…they are super fun for packing in loads of pictures…and perfect for a kids room to hold all their books!

Sumas, WA, 98295.

A citrus-yellow sofa with charcoal piping against a charcoal accent wall.

Wow, is that dreary in every picture to me.

I see it everywhere I already feel it’s been overdone! I read all of your posts and consult your e-book continually, since I am in the process of painting every room in my house. Then check out these ideas on how to decorate with blush pink! It’s that treasured (and often off-limits) space that sets the tone for your entire decorating style. Charcoal is so heavy, even with other colors mixed in.

In this room, the small yellow can be found in the paintings, the medium in the throw pillows, and the large in the area rug: Susan said she had to work with the existing wall colour, which was BM Cabot Trail. Read more: Here’s another client example where we transformed her charcoal sofa with colour. "Nearly any bright color pops against gray," Hale says. First time in a very loooong time, I think reds and grays went out long ago ( just my opinion ) mustard, olives, even light sky blue is a better choice.

I love what Susan did with yellow in that room – gorgeous. Would choosing color around a terra-cotta or red brick fireplace be different in concept than working around a stone fireplace since most stone is pretty neutral toned and most brick is a strong color (or would you consider it a neutral?) If not, what should I consider in selecting a color for the 2nd sofa? I’m seeing a lot of tables that look like wood grain but madefrom ??? By the way, I’ll take those two yellow green chairs in the House & Home pic right now. Fantastic post as usual.

In the gray room with red pillows I would make the leather chair red, spray paint the frames red and have a red&charcoal rug. The name of the color comes from charcoal - material made of wood burnt in a high temperature with low access to oxygen.

Think monochromatic gray falls too flat. I predict yellow will eventually be back in full force, just like it was before the brown trend when I specified it constantly. The photos were great examples. Pair with black end tables and you're all set. Try these 10 bohemian-chic décor ideas to make your space feel new, Sculpture, Mike Wright First, I'd like to thank everyone who read my post on the New England Home Magazine design blog.

Your pictures really helped explain and drive home your info. You certainly can, BUT if your entire colour scheme is a combination of varying shades of beiges, golds, and sage greens (in other words, colours that are more dirty, muted, and earthy that have been more popular during the last 20-30 years), that’s when it becomes difficult to introduce charcoal.

Anna Duval est une architecte d'intérieur et décoratrice spécialisée dans la création de projets clé en main à Paris, France. Looks so much better without it! It is more brown/red then she would have chosen (you can see how the charcoal sofa is more green) but she did a great job of designing around it. Very interesting article. It’s so great when you talk about rooms with colour on the walls, not just neutrals. I saw an interior she decorated using my favourite colour and thought this would be useful for everyone. I still love very light grey for walls so you can use lots of color. Hi Maria,

{HousetoHome}, Here the walls are a pale greige. Maria. Below is an example of charcoal with pink beige. Should I try to match the existing sofa, or not? (I LOVE stronger coloured walls – it makes artwork really pop, for one thing) Even better when you show pictures.

Susan also did a fantastic job with all of the accessories on her console table. For many years now, though, I could probably count on one hand how many people ask me for yellow. That shot in my inspiration pix file.

About having a room that looks like it was developed over time. Now, this is not true for everyone, but in my experience, that is usually what’s missing.

And here’s the best part: everything she knows, she shares, making you an expert too. {via Pinterest} Here, we have … The guest post "gig" is a two-post deal, so I have another one coming up soon that that will be art focused. Your advice with pictures that relate are priceless.

The little vignette is divine but I picture a cat rolling the little electron looking thing at the bottom of the shelf across the room, finding the green stuff to eat, promptly crawling up into the dinosaurs mouth and dangling from there as they ‘tossed’ the green stuff.

Was planning to get a new one once I re-floored but have since decided I don’t need or want one and having a lot of fun thinking outside the box for my LR. Excellent post!


#fingerscrossed I thought I’d ease back into blogging with some winter white inspiration today, continuing the color series started last year. Well you need small, medium and large UNLESS you choose to colour block instead. If you’re interested in working with colour, do yourself a huge favour and take Maria’s training.”, I love that you showed what happens when everything is the room is neutral and only the pillows have color. Try Colour Blocking Instead of Adding Tiny Colours Around the Room. If you can eliminate the earthy colours and keep the look more monochromatic like this room, it will work better. Gray kitchen. Your description of large, medium and small is spot on! It’s lacking a freshness I crave. I am already wondering what the next BIG color will be, I know navy is very “in” right now, but Maria do you think it will be big beyond just this year? Although I have always had a flair and passion for colour, before taking Maria’s training I entered colour consults with a bit of fear and trepidation, not sure if the “magic” would always be there, or if it might lead to some colossal mistakes. I've….

Charcoal grey works best with contrasting colors, such as white and bright grey. How do you feel about having an item in your space but NOT repeating the color?

Neutrals are a great backdrop for colour play and allow you to keep from being bored with your room. charcoal gray couch and simple white and gray rug - living room. Mix patterns. I agree with Jillian – your LR is timeless but I think it’s so much because you practice what you preach and promise – it surely makes you smile every time you walk in and that’s the real test.

BTW MARIA, cover of Mays House Beautiful has YELLOW.

Gray is a super-friendly neutral, after all. Done right, they can be the “wow” factor, just as the drapes were in the above picture.

In the meantime, here’s how to decorate around your charcoal sofa: You need three gradations of an accent colour when you’re decorating.

What color is charcoal?

Thanks for another great post, Maria! Updating your exterior? This means a room that looks the most pulled together has small, medium, and large gradations of the colour. It’s a rare space that works in entirely charcoal on charcoal without a lot of white, perhaps lots of big windows, etc, so just know that if you do choose a charcoal sofa, that is pretty much the end of your charcoal quota. Fallen in love with charcoal?

Well done!

It is a great resource! I would love to read more “how to decorate around…” type posts like this. Get my go-to list of Classic and Timeless Neutral Paint Colours (including white) AND 12 Ways to Create a Colour Scheme if you need to paint right now. I’m in LOVE with that wall art in the picture with the dinosaur head (which I am also in LOVE with)….Any idea where I can find both items?

If the room had a charcoal and white area rug, it would look less coordinated and intentional.

Avoid mistakes and get expert colour training! The living room below is a perfect example of what I’m talking about.

There are probably a few images you can find with ‘coordinating’ double sofas but I wouldn’t go there without working with a designer who has a very specific look and feel.

Don’t make expensive colour mistakes. Hope this helps, maria.

Yes that’s fine, here’s another post I wrote about charcoal: https://mariakillam.com/charcoalpalette/ Not my first choice for a wall colour.

Your happy colors like you used in your room really will never go out of style Your room will not date like the others since no charcoal was used as a major color (stripes on the chair don’t count because it’s a small amount and looks great But so nice to see a beautiful room without grey rugs and grey sofa!

So, your decorating colour palette looks colour blocked instead of bitty and choppy.

It is like a show and tell class! And if all this grey is making your room feel blah, here’s how to fix it with my top 4 ways to decorate around your charcoal sofa.

That said, I still have a neutral sofa in a TV room downstairs and have to work harder to add enough color in the room to make it look finished – just as you pointed out. I had some Minte, Great black, grey, white patterned rug. One of my favorite places to look/dream/buy artwork from is Minted.com, check out Avery's gallery wall to see some of the darling prints from Minted I've used. Decorator, author, speaker and internationally sought after Colour Expert. Join me as I walk you through 15 Modules on what you need to know to choose exterior colour like a pro! I would rather that you paint your walls charcoal and choose a sofa in your favourite colour, like this indigo blue: But if you already have a grey sofa or couch and you’re worried that it’s making your living room feel cold, I’m going to show you right now how to fix it.

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