ricotta cheese mold


All T-Shirts, Stickers, Gift Certificates, Standard & Deluxe Camembert/Brie/Blue Kits, Aperitif, 50-60 gram-Three Styles (set of 6), Bottomless Chèvre/Fromage Blanc Cheese Mould - Large, Stackable Plastic Cheese Mould without Collar, Bottomless Chèvre/Fromage Blanc Cheese Moulds - Small, Bottomless Chèvre/Fromage Blanc Cheese Mould - Medium, Traditional Chèvre/Fromage Blanc Cheese Mould - Set of 2, Stackable Plastic Cheese Mould with Collar, Six Gallon PVC Hoop & Follower (press not included), Wider/Taller Cheese Moulds(medium) - Set of 2, Clearance-Six Gallon PVC Hoop (follower/press not included). #631 / 0073 / 0 Rejilla Cuardo Mold: Our clients just love these baskets as they leave a beautiful imprint on the cheese. Our cheese moulds come in two different materials, each that have their own purpose. Natural weave pattern. Be the first to hear about new products, promotions, recipes, cheesemaking tips and more. Select from seven different Feta & Ricotta Cheese Molds traditionally used throughout Europe. Its cheese, you just slice the mold off and eat the rest right? Camembert and other cheeses. Perfect for that special cheese. Made in either France, Italy or Holland. #631 / 0073 / 0 Rejilla Cuardo Mold:  Our clients just love these baskets as they leave a beautiful imprint on the cheese. We do our best to make sure you'll be satisfied with every purchase. The large number of perforations allows for good drainage of hard cheeses and/or quick cheeses such as ricotta. Polypropylene - Our food-grade polypropylene cheese moulds are imported from France and Italy. Complete and return the warranty card with a copy of your purchase receipt to Roots & Harvest at 4440 Muhlhauser Rd., Suite 300, West Chester, OH 45011-9767. Stainless Steel - Custom designed to make Camembert and other cheeses.

This mold has a beautiful basket weave in the bottom of the mold that will imprint on the cheese. At The CheeseMaker, our cheese making supplies are of a high quality so you can make delicious artisan cheese at home.

Shop now. Holds 2 pounds 3.27 ounces or 1500 grams of curd. These plastic cheese moulds have been selected for their practical utility and popularity. Top Internal Length by Width: 8.00″ X 5.00″, Bottom Internal Length by Width: 7.00″ X 3.75″, Internal Height: 4.00″. *Actual product may vary slightly from picture. Our trained team of Service Technicians are here to help you with warranty questions, parts selection, even advice. Basic Cheese Mold 4.3 out of 5 stars 115.

#00830 Reino Mold:  This Feta & Ricotta mold has a pronounced rim so the basket is easy to handle and help expel the whey. Select from seven different Feta & Ricotta Cheese Molds traditionally used throughout Europe. All molds are made with Dairythene plastic.

Never had to do it with ricotta cheese though. Top Internal Diameter:  4.00″ X 4.25″, Bottom Internal Diameter:  3.00″ X 4.00″, Height:  3.00″. #34714 Ricottiera Smooth:  This Feta and Ricotta mold holds 2 pounds 3.25 ounces to 3 pounds 5 ounces or 1000 to 1500 grams. Copyright © 2020 TheCheeseMaker.Com. Scan and email your warranty card and a copy of your receipt to. Cheese Maker Molds Set of 5 – For Draining Ricotta Sour Cream and Quark - Press Indian Paneer … Sitemap. That is what i have been taught since i was a kid. Whether you are making brie, ricotta, or a hard cheese, we have the cheese moulds you need to create your very own cheese at home. Internal Bottom Diameter:  5.25″. However, should any item fall short of your expectations, you may return it to us within 30 days of purchase for a refund or replacement. Imported directly from Italy. #34713 Ricottiera Giuncata (Weave Look):  This Italian mold is named Ricottiera rectangular giuncata “thin cane weave mold”. $21.90. Shop our cheese mold and cheese supplies now.

It is a tiny little blue green mold spot the size of dime or smaller, i need the cheese for Lasagna tonight, the expiration date is 6/2/09 so i don't see why it is completely bad. These 12 basket cheese molds are perfect for soft cheeses like Ricotta. In fact, that's their specialty. Imported directly from Italy. However, if you already have the other cheese making supplies, you may be interested in our different cheese moulds. Whether you are making brie, ricotta, or a hard cheese, we have the cheese moulds you need to create your very own cheese at home. Our Customer Service Team is here to help answer any question you might have, from selecting the right product to how to use it.

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